Thursday, January 19, 2012


It's the buzz word of the times.. Racism. Republicans are racists. White people are racist. Southerners are racist. Everyone is totally racist.

Guess what.. Almost no one is racist any more. It's the worst accusation you can make against someone.. hence why it is made by people who are losing a debate.

If you disagree with Obama's plan to socialize America with any amount of passion whatsoever then you must hate him because he is Black. Look, I wouldn't care if he were my own grandfather.. if you are going "fundamentally transform" America.. then I am going to come back at you with a passionate NO... I don't care what your race is when you are destroying the country. I only care that you are stopped.

Just remember.. When a liberal or a democrat or a progressive leech calls you a racist.. there is a 100% guarantee that you are the least racist of the two of you. They support holding Black people as a whole captive in group think mindset.. as soon as a Black or Latino person finds freedom off of the plantation, then they will help the media do whatever it takes to destroy them personally.

Most of the media that declare people racists are rich white people who 'haven't seen a brown skinned man since their grandparents bought one.' They sit in newsrooms sipping 8 dollar coffee with their radios tuned to NPR and they have zero connection to real Americans living in rural or Midwest towns and cities. Do you think Diane Sawyer hangs out with any middle class black people after work?

I don't think so.. and I am not going to let some lily white uppity journalist or professor just declare me to be so, just because he is losing a debate. Get a mirror first.

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