Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My 7 Year Blog-a-Versary

I started writing this thing sitting at the receptionist desk at my church where I worked as a building maintenance engineer 7 years ago. And since then it has grown to over 3 daily readers. I would like to thank each of them personally...if I knew who they were.

Seriously.. I am headed towards 200,000 hits since that day long ago.. and I appreciate every one of them. I am not a writer, never will be, but I appreciate the vehicle where I can post my wandering, sometimes aimless thoughts.

So.. Thanks! Keep coming back!

Here's what to expect this year on TLAT..

* Expert analysis of the presidential election (Ahem...vote Newt...Ahem)

* More Fun Facts that are neither fun, nor actual facts.

* Meatloaf Monday's in the TLAT cafeteria.

* Incoherent babble.

* Commentary(Complaining) about how the world as we know it is ending and about how selfish we are now.

* True Truths Told Truthfully.

* and so much more! Now only $19.95! ($97.00 shipping and handling)

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