Saturday, December 10, 2011

True Truths Told Truthfully

* When debating with a liberal one of your first lines of defense should be one simple phrase.. "I would love to see your sources on that." Sometimes they will even give you a source.. but simply follow the trail. Find the sources' source. You will find that 90% of the time it is just passed around talking points with no real basis in reality. The other 10% of the time it is based on a biased poll or flat out wrong information passed around as fact. If they can't produce a source You just won the debate. Don't worry you always win the debate versus a liberal.. always.

* I say this every year.... I understand everyone's attachment to Christmas. I too enjoy some of the festivities. But we have turned it into an excuse for total unabashed greed. It makes absolutely no sense. Getting presents is fun.. and it seems all we have to do is sit through one Christmas eve candlelight service and we're good to let our kids and ourselves become totally enthralled by worldliness for an entire month. What in the world does this have to do with Jesus being born in a stable? They gave HIM gifts because He was the Messiah.. not because Target had an ad in the Bethlehem times for black Friday. Okay, that's my soapbox on that for the year.. and I know that some really do celebrate Him this season. Besides.. what do I know??

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