Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why I Am Supporting Herman Cain

Time for my trademark Asterisk points...

* The whole system is broken. We elect politician after politician and they just keep breaking it faster and faster and more severely every year. Herman Cain is a business man. OH how America needs someone who understands business.

* Herman Cain is a true conservative. Romney.. not even close. Newt? If you look at his record.. not very close at all. RINOs is what they are.

* Herman Cain talks tough about radical Islam.. which, let's face it is the true one, and only threat to peace throughout the world.. Ironic isn't it that the media ignores that and focuses on Christianity which is violent with no one.

* Herman Cain will help us expose the true racism that permeates the left. They are seething with it just behind their masks. As soon as Cain would be the nominee that mask would come off.. and he would be a "House boy", "Ni**er Jim", "Uncle Tom", and many other names that they have ALREADY called him.. all because he walked off the plantation.

* He's likable.

* We have literally NOTHING to lose. We could elect a robot, or a Chimp and either of them would run our country better than the current setup.

* 9-9-9!!!

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