Monday, November 28, 2011

What The 'Occupy' Protesters Are Really All About

A lot of speculation has been put forth as to what the Occupy Movement is really wanting. What is their end goal? What would cause them to put the signs away and go home to their parent's basements and relax?
Well I know the answer. The answer is... Nothing. They will not leave for any reason. You could implement full on communism tomorrow and they would be out there the next day. And that's because even communism has it's own inequality except this time the upperhand goes to people who have the power, the money, and on top of that they control the food, the weapons, and the right to kill you for whatever reason... for the common good of course!

These kids are ungrateful for what they have, and envious of what they see other people having that they could.. no, SHOULD have for themselves. It simply isn't fair that some should have more than others regardless if they worked their tail end off for it or not. According to them no one who is rich has ever worked their tail end off. They see every dollar earned over their idea of what is acceptable to have been stolen, cheated, tricked, and grabbed out of the hands of unsuspecting people.
You see they went to college and they believe that the act of sitting through class and pulling in average grades entitles them to a job. However, a combination of the fact that the majority of college professors are liberals, and the fact that college in general is a scam in the first place to take your money and teach you literally nothing has left our graduating students even dumber than when they entered college. Contrast that with the silliest public schooling in the world that they grew up with.. and now you basically just have a generation of bums that wears Hollister t-shirts, have every Apple gadget, drink Starbucks, and have their hands out waiting for what is "rightfully theirs".

We conservatives believe that the only Birthright is the very first breath that you are given. Everything else, you must earn and work for. It's that simple.
So we are grateful for...
* A roof over our head
* A meal, whether it be baloney or porterhouse steaks
* Transportation
* The gift of being able to walk, talk, feel, smell, breathe, and simply exist.
* Friends and family
If you have more than me... Good for you!!! That means I too have the ability to achieve more if I have the will. And if I don't have the will.. then no worries.. I will keep my eyes on my own plate and be grateful for what I have, whether it be little, or plenty. Your plate is your business and to be envious of what you have does little to effect my own situation.. So we put our blinders on, mind our own affairs and thank the Lord Most High for what he has blessed us with.

But what are they grateful for?
I am not sure. All they know is they see that some have more than they do.. and "that's not fair" and so they make signs and generally stink up the streets.. If there is corruption in a business they don't seem to target the corruption.. They target the entire system. They burn down the house to punish the one of the flowers in the vase. All the while they forget that that man is corrupt in every sector of life.. I mean look at them.. they have violence, rapes, theft, and all kinds of criminal activity happening within their own ranks.

So what are the Occupy protesters protesting?
What you are seeing is the equivalent of when a 2 year old throws himself on the floor in the mall because his mom or dad won't buy him a toy. They are doing this in public, hoping that you will see them as freedom fighters. Who ever said that we would be free when we all owned the same amount. Does that seem like freedom to you? That seems like government enforced mediocrity... which is exactly what they are hoping for. Destroy the American dream... Destroy greatness.. Destroy achievement.. Destroy success.. and you will have what these leeches seem to think they want.

Three words: Learn to swim.

UPDATE: Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, 1 Thessalonians 4:11 (NIV)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekly Favorite YouTube Videos

Check back each week for new videos!

First off my friend Ryan's band Sleeping At Last and his awesome holiday tune..


Classic and funny...

Vicarious - Tool... It's been out a long time but it's a classic in my book.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Conway Twitty's Lesser Known Brutal Metal Phase

The man would have made millions had he strolled over into the metal scene and rocked our faces off. I call it Chest Hair Metal.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fun Facts

* Michele Obama was booed at a NASCAR event. What did they expect? It would be like if Sarah Palin did the opening remarks at the gay rodeo.

* In Miami, a woman who wanted to be a stripper and wanted a curvier rear end but had little money went to a woman posing a doctor who then injected her buttocks with cement, mineral oil, and Fix-a-Flat. Also, I believe there was a cherry and some nutmeg in the mix.

* A microbiologist at UCLA has created a "Smart Bomb" mouth wash that eradicates tooth decay and cavities forever with one use. Planes normally used to fight wildfires will be dropping the product over the entire state of Arkansas.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why I Am Supporting Herman Cain

Time for my trademark Asterisk points...

* The whole system is broken. We elect politician after politician and they just keep breaking it faster and faster and more severely every year. Herman Cain is a business man. OH how America needs someone who understands business.

* Herman Cain is a true conservative. Romney.. not even close. Newt? If you look at his record.. not very close at all. RINOs is what they are.

* Herman Cain talks tough about radical Islam.. which, let's face it is the true one, and only threat to peace throughout the world.. Ironic isn't it that the media ignores that and focuses on Christianity which is violent with no one.

* Herman Cain will help us expose the true racism that permeates the left. They are seething with it just behind their masks. As soon as Cain would be the nominee that mask would come off.. and he would be a "House boy", "Ni**er Jim", "Uncle Tom", and many other names that they have ALREADY called him.. all because he walked off the plantation.

* He's likable.

* We have literally NOTHING to lose. We could elect a robot, or a Chimp and either of them would run our country better than the current setup.

* 9-9-9!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Japanese Giant Hornets Massacre Honey Bees Nest: Genocide In Nature

I wonder what natural evolutionists who are "anti war" think of this video? Just curious.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Aaron's Undeniable Truths

Just in case someone doesn't know...

* There is a God. He controls all things, at all times. Nothing comes to pass without His knowledge and stamp of approval.

* The end of all things is coming. All under the watchful eye of God.

* Everyone lives forever, ending up either in paradise or in agony. The way to paradise is through Jesus Christ, God's son.

* Islam has nothing to do with the true God. Simply saying that can get you killed.

* Conservatism is the only cure politically for America and the world. We have gone too far, all under the name of "progress".. however we ignored the truth that not all progress is good.. In fact most "progress" is actually just damage.

* If you do not work, you should not eat. Unless you physically cannot work, then you should be helped privately by those of us who can work.. The government should never enter the equation.

* Almost all conspiracy theories are completely bogus.

* People are NOT generally good. People are inherently bad.. The only way they can be good, is through God's grace.. and even then isn't it really God who is good?

* Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the greatest combination of flavors in the history of edible things.

* Democrats and Liberals are far more racist deep down than 95% of any Conservative or Tea Party member.

* Democrats are the authors of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, lynchings, the KKK, and affirmative action. If you are dark skinned they prefer you on the plantation with your voting finger securely tied to the D button.

* Herman Cain should be president.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Lynching Black Men Today

If you are black, and you dare to think for yourself.. there are consequences. Racism is alive.. but it's not the Tea Party. HERMAN CAIN FOR PRESIDENT!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

True Truths Told Truthfully

* When this presidency is over, the veil is finally lifted, and the curtain pulled open, I have a feeling we will find out this was one of the most corrupt administrations in the history of the United States.

* If you are black in America and you happen to believe in limited government and conservative values, then you are hated by some on the left just as if it were 1952 in Alabama or Georgia. They wanted you to stay on the plantation. In their hearts the deem themselves to be your master.

* If a man declares himself to be a homosexual.. Should he be allowed to use the men's restroom? I mean, I am a heterosexual and if I went and used the women's bathroom I would be a predator and a pervert, and the cops would be called. Just a thought.