Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun Facts

* The TSA has decided to start monitoring the interstate system in Tennessee for terrorism. Apparently they just found what they believed to be a terrorist training video that was labeled "Deliverance".

* You didn't vote for Obama? You sir are a racist! Wait a second, now you are going to vote for Herman Cain.. Wow, you must be the mother of all racists! They are both black? Wait.. what is the definition of racist again? I forget. But I know this.. You are a total racist!

* Gaddafi and Osama are both dead. Both killed by a guy wearing a Nobel Peace Prize around his neck. So confusing! Oh.. I forgot, they are liberals.. they don't know what things mean, like words, ideas, or even simple shapes, patterns and colors. Anything can mean anything at any given time.. Yay!!!

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