Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Great American College Scam

"The only way you will ever get a great job is to get into a good college and get your college degree".. REALLY??? How's that working out for you? They will take ALL your money, leave you jobless, and sleep like babies at night. CHECK THIS OUT...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun Facts

* Every year at this time they release boxes of Count Chocula cereal into grocery stores all over America. Unfortunately each year it is just the leftover cereal from the years before.

* Supporting Herman Cain makes you a racist according to many on the left. Also.. Loving your wife makes you a sexist. Adopting a stray dog makes you an animal hater. And heavy rain causes serious drought.

* 30 years ago more people ate dinner at home and went outside the home for entertainment. Today people eat more dinners outside the home and stay home for their entertainment.

Monday, October 24, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Here's what I really love right now...

Free music all the time, and anytime I want, streaming with ease even on slow internet connections. Almost every song every published by every artist you can imagine. (Except the usual holdouts.. Metallica, Beatles, Tool, etc..) Does it get any better than that? Does it? There is no good reason not to have a Spotify account right now!

If you love film, you will love the Fine Art Diner blog. The blogger is a master at taking a movie and analyzing it to make you think about it in ways you never thought about before. The blog is extremely well written and updated regularly. The thing I like about her writing is how she can take any movie and view it through the eyes of Christianity. Proving that you can do ALL things to the Glory of Christ.

Click play below to listen to the song "Hourglass"

Music Player Music Online

My friend Ryan is the sole artist behind Sleeping At Last. Some call it Emo music.. But to me it goes so much deeper than that with intricate and yet simple melodies that are reminiscent of the best hauntingly beautiful movie scores. (Thomas Newman, James Newton Howard, etc..) His most recent project was called Yearbook.. Very ambitious, yet completed as promised.. an EP released every month for a year, each with 3 fresh written songs.
And to top all that off Sleeping At Last songs have been featured on "Private Practice" on ABC and even bigger, coming up SAL will have a song on the Soundtrack to the upcoming movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part One. Which is about as huge as you can get!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun Facts

* The TSA has decided to start monitoring the interstate system in Tennessee for terrorism. Apparently they just found what they believed to be a terrorist training video that was labeled "Deliverance".

* You didn't vote for Obama? You sir are a racist! Wait a second, now you are going to vote for Herman Cain.. Wow, you must be the mother of all racists! They are both black? Wait.. what is the definition of racist again? I forget. But I know this.. You are a total racist!

* Gaddafi and Osama are both dead. Both killed by a guy wearing a Nobel Peace Prize around his neck. So confusing! Oh.. I forgot, they are liberals.. they don't know what things mean, like words, ideas, or even simple shapes, patterns and colors. Anything can mean anything at any given time.. Yay!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Herman Cain Takes On Entire MSNBC Roundtable After Debate

Watch Herman Cain as he steps into the circle of stupidity and makes each of them look like the dunces that they truly are. Herman Cain should be our next president!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan

Directly from

Phase One

Our current economic crisis calls for bold action to truly stimulate the economy and Renew America back to its greatness. The 9-9-9 Plan gets Washington D.C. out of the business of picking winners and losers, using the tax code to dole out favors, and dividing the country with class warfare. It is fair, simple, transparent and efficient. It taxes everything once and nothing twice. It taxes the broadest possible base at the lowest possible rates. It is neutral with respect to savings and consumption,capital and labor, imports and exports and whether companies pay dividends or retain earnings.

    9% Business Flat Tax

    • Gross income less all purchases from other U.S. located businesses, all capital investment, and net exports.
    • Empowerment Zones will offer deductions for the payroll of those employed in the zone

    9% Individual Flat Tax.

    • Gross income less charitable deductions.
    • Empowerment Zones will offer additional deductions for those living and/or working in the zone.

    9% National Sales Tax.

    • Unlike a state sales tax, which is an add-on tax that increases the price of goods and services, this is a replacement tax. It replaces taxes that are already embedded in selling prices. By replacing higher marginal rates in the production process with lower marginal rates, marginal production costs actually decline, which will lead to prices being the same or lower, not higher.

    Economic Impact

    • According to former Reagan Treasury official Gary Robbins, of Fiscal Associates, the 9-9-9 Plan will expand GDP by $2 trillion, create 6 million new jobs, increase business investment by one third, and increase wages by 10%.

9-9-9 Plan: Summary

  • Removes all payroll taxes and unites all tax payers
  • Provides the least incentive to evade taxes and the fewest opportunities to do so
  • Lifts a $430 billion dead-weight burden on the economy due to compliance, enforcement, collection, etc…
  • Is fair, simple, efficient, neutral, and transparent
  • Ends nearly all deductions and special interest favors
  • Features zero tax on capital gains and repatriated profits
  • Exports leave our shores without the Business Tax or the Sales Tax embedded in their cost, making them world class competitive. Imports are subject to the same taxation as domestically produced goods, leveling the playing field.
  • Lowest marginal rates on production
  • Kills the Death Tax
  • Allows immediate expensing of business investments
  • Eliminates double taxation of dividends
  • Increases capital formation which aids capital availability for small businesses
  • Increased capital per worker drives productivity and wage growth
  • Features a platform to launch properly structured Empowerment Zones to renew our inner cities
  • The pro-growth, pro-job, pro-export economic policies of the 9-9-9 PLAN equals a strong dollar policy

Phase 2 – The Fair Tax

Amidst a backdrop of the economic renewal created by the 9-9-9 Plan, I will begin the process of educating the American people on the benefits of continuing the next step to the Fair Tax.

  • Ultimately replaces individual and corporate income taxes
  • Ends the IRS as we know it and repeals the 16th Amendment

Thursday, October 13, 2011

True Truths Told Truthfully

* These snot nosed brats at the "occupy wall st" protest are thieves. They want to "take from the rich and give to the poor". In what world is that not stealing. Do we actually believe that if they successfully took "Rich" people's money that they would be satisfied stopping there?

* I hope at this time in two years Obama is working with Jimmy Carter building houses for Habitat for Humanity.. Both of those guys need to build about 2,000 houses each to even begin to make up for the destruction they reaped on America.

* Men who divorce their wives are cowards.. You came into this world with nothing, You will leave it with nothing... Don't waste the time you have been given in between with selfish ambition. Trust me, you aren't as big a deal as you think you are.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Here's the Truth About The Wall St. Protesters

* The protesting of Wall Street is nothing more than the parasites of society getting together to show us their one skill set... whining.

* MSNBC was ripping into Herman Cain for saying to the protesters, "Don't blame Wall Street, don't blame the big banks, if you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself. It is not someone's fault if they succeeded, it is someone's fault if they failed." In other words.. MSNBC doesn't care for the truth... WHO do they have to blame for not having a job? George W. Bush?? Corporations? Look.. Corporations are their only chance of EVER having a job. Isn't that ironic?

* These kids are having fun playing hippie. I guarantee if you walk up to 99% of them and asked them why they were protesting.. you would get a rambling set of words that wouldn't make sense to anyone who has more than an 8th grade education. Just go get a job!!! "But because of CEO's I can only make minimum wage".. NO.. you can only make minimum wage because you're an idiot, and instead of working on your trade skills you are standing here embarrassing yourself in front of the nation.

* The ultimate truth about the Wall Street protesters is this.. Sadly, they are our future, and they will be our undoing. All we could hope to do is delay the inevitable.. the ship is going down...and oh how I wish I were joking about that.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Another Amazing Mashup

Sad But Superstitious (Stevie Wonder vs Metallica Mashup by Wax Audio)