Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Loaded Questions For Atheists?

There are now atheist activists running around forming groups to stop prayers in public places, or complain about not having their own holidays. The question is WHY?????

* They believe when we die we become a meaningless pile of ash and soil.. What makes people form groups to celebrate that? "Hooray! We are meaningless globs worthless cells that formed accidentally.. Let's all meet at Denny's and talk about it!"

* What do they care if we pray here, there, or anywhere? How.. seriously how does it hurt them if I pray in Jesus name at a school function? I can see possibly how it might make a Muslim or a Jew uncomfortable.. but an atheist??? And how does a meaningless glob of cells get offended anyway? Is it the thought of meaning that scares you?

* Answer me this atheists.. If we come from meaninglessness, and we die and return to meaninglessness... How do we somehow have meaning and purpose in between those two stages?

* When you see on the news that a man has murdered his family and then committed suicide, why do you feel sad? A man, who is a result of cosmic ooze that accidentally formed him, killed his family who were also random cells, using a gun that was formed by people who were also evolved from accidental meaningless random cells. And the sadness you feel is simply neurons in your brain moving back and forth between two synapses which also evolved from globs of cells accidentally. So what actually happened, besides nothing?

My point is, is that there is a God who holds meaning and purpose in His hands who formed us.. and whether you acknowledge Him or not, one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ IS Lord.

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