Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Did The Union Threaten Violence On The Tea Party?

The answer is yes. Jimmy Hoffa jr. who is more of a walking stereotypical mafia Don than he is anything else threatened it this weekend at an event where Obama was sitting in the audience. Read about that Here. And the scary answer is you can bet that it's just the first time that it has been expressed out loud. Behind closed doors I gaurantee you that The Union wishes nothing more than harm on individuals who are in the Tea Party. Why?
2 reasons.
1. The Union is a socialist mafia, that survives on mob mentality and veiled threats of violence. And they are capable of violence for sure.

2. The Tea Party represents to them the enemy.. and the enemy to them is a self-sufficient, hard-working employee and American. That is the biggest threat to their good-ol-boy club that they have had for many years.

I was briefly in a union and I have had the experience of having someone personally threaten me with violence for crossing the picket line.

Here are a couple of fun facts about The Union in America...

* The Union makes up a small percentage of the American work force. Yet they consider themselves to be the ONLY "Working man" in America. Screw everyone else. The rest of us are just stooges for "The man". In other words Union Members for the most part are selfish, uncaring, and just generally mean human beings.

* The Union will demand higher wages and benefits even if they know for a fact that it will bankrupt their own company and cost them their job. That is essentially what happened to me.

* If the Union runs out of enemies briefly, they will literally turn on each other to fight for their own personal best interest over other equal union members. I have seen this first hand.

If Jimmy Hoffa jr wants a fight. Then I say go ahead. Most of the rest of us are Christian enough to pray for them first and foremost, because they are our "enemy", and we are called to love them. Most of us will avoid a fight the best way we can. However.. if the civil war starts and we are forced to fight.. You can bet that Tea Party members are packing.. and will defend their homes and their families.

So much for the civil discourse that Obama was demanding. Pathetic.


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