Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun Facts

* Team Edward of Team Jacob? In my day it was Team Wilma or Team Betty. My choice? Betty Rubble!

* Now even I am thinking about throwing my hat in the ring for the Republican nomination for President. My platform? To recall every member of congress and have new elections. And then enact strict term limits. Nobody gets comfortable in Washington.

* Throw your cable box out the window.. The gay mafia has taken it over. Then go get Netflix and watch nothing but the History Channel, The Cosby Show, and The Andy Griffith Show.. Do it now!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scale - What If other planets replaced the moon?

Fun Facts

* Morgan Freeman says the Tea Party is racist. I think maybe Mr Freeman would do better to continue narrating penguin documentaries rather than commenting on politics.

* One Google executive scolded rich Americans and told the president to "Raise my taxes". Proving once again that you can be stupid and rich at the same time. There is a box on your tax forms that lets you give beyond what you owe. So let's see him put his money where his big fat mouth is.

*  More Tibetan monks have set themselves on fire in protest. Unless they were protesting their right to die a fiery, painful death than I don't get it. If only we could get liberals to protest this way!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Johnny Cash vs Jackson 5 vs Steve Miller Band

Another interesting mashup. Sometimes I get bored with songs and it's fun to see a new side to them. This is another good one.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Liberals Hate The Police

Troy Davis was executed tonight. Troy Davis was convicted of murdering an off-duty police officer in cold blood. Supposedly 10 or so witnesses came forward to testify against Davis, other evidence at the scene pointed to Davis. Davis had actually shot another man earlier the same night for shouting obscenities at him.

Now, supposedly about 7 of the witnesses decided to "recant" their testimony. Liberals, celebrities, CNN, MSNBC, and so many other leftists have declared that Davis was innocent and that his execution was murder.

However.. Davis lost appeal after appeal after appeal in front of liberal  and conservative judges and even the Supreme Court. Davis is black.. the jury that originally convicted him was 7 black and 5 white.. so you can't really say racism was a factor.
The only factor was that Troy Davis was 100% guilty of murdering a police officer who hadn't even pulled his gun of the holster yet.

If you murder a cop in this country.. liberals and leftists will declare you to be innocent even in the face of overwhelming evidence to prove otherwise..

Conclusion.. In general, liberals hate cops, and love criminals. They love the instigator and hate the victim.

Fry Mumia

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things That Don't Make Sense

* Non-alcoholic Beer

* Homosexuals that believe in evolution (Sometime, I'd be happy to explain why this makes NO sense)

* Scripted reality television (huh??)

* Atheists that organize and proselytize their message.

* How could Smurfette be the only girl Smurf?

* Worrying more about the wedding than the fact that you are about to take an oath before God with this person.

* Neck Tattoos.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Unions Are Are Poison For America

Nothing more than legalized mafia. Heartless human beings who care nothing except for their own pension and their undeserved wages. Fire em all if you ask me!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Loaded Questions For Atheists?

There are now atheist activists running around forming groups to stop prayers in public places, or complain about not having their own holidays. The question is WHY?????

* They believe when we die we become a meaningless pile of ash and soil.. What makes people form groups to celebrate that? "Hooray! We are meaningless globs worthless cells that formed accidentally.. Let's all meet at Denny's and talk about it!"

* What do they care if we pray here, there, or anywhere? How.. seriously how does it hurt them if I pray in Jesus name at a school function? I can see possibly how it might make a Muslim or a Jew uncomfortable.. but an atheist??? And how does a meaningless glob of cells get offended anyway? Is it the thought of meaning that scares you?

* Answer me this atheists.. If we come from meaninglessness, and we die and return to meaninglessness... How do we somehow have meaning and purpose in between those two stages?

* When you see on the news that a man has murdered his family and then committed suicide, why do you feel sad? A man, who is a result of cosmic ooze that accidentally formed him, killed his family who were also random cells, using a gun that was formed by people who were also evolved from accidental meaningless random cells. And the sadness you feel is simply neurons in your brain moving back and forth between two synapses which also evolved from globs of cells accidentally. So what actually happened, besides nothing?

My point is, is that there is a God who holds meaning and purpose in His hands who formed us.. and whether you acknowledge Him or not, one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ IS Lord.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fun Facts

* NASA has put out a warning that soon there may be some space junk and old satellites falling to earth.. However, bonus, if you get hit with any of the debris you do win your choice of a NASA ball cap, or beverage Koozie!

* Obama is set to unveil his jobs plan on Thursday night. Why so soon Obama? Gee, slow down a little bit and at least take time to think about it first.

* The Republican's are not planning on giving a rebuttal to the Obama plan on national TV after the speech. It does seem kind of silly to purchase that air time just to tell America that the only jobs plan we need is to make sure that Obama has to find a different job in 2012.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Did The Union Threaten Violence On The Tea Party?

The answer is yes. Jimmy Hoffa jr. who is more of a walking stereotypical mafia Don than he is anything else threatened it this weekend at an event where Obama was sitting in the audience. Read about that Here. And the scary answer is you can bet that it's just the first time that it has been expressed out loud. Behind closed doors I gaurantee you that The Union wishes nothing more than harm on individuals who are in the Tea Party. Why?
2 reasons.
1. The Union is a socialist mafia, that survives on mob mentality and veiled threats of violence. And they are capable of violence for sure.

2. The Tea Party represents to them the enemy.. and the enemy to them is a self-sufficient, hard-working employee and American. That is the biggest threat to their good-ol-boy club that they have had for many years.

I was briefly in a union and I have had the experience of having someone personally threaten me with violence for crossing the picket line.

Here are a couple of fun facts about The Union in America...

* The Union makes up a small percentage of the American work force. Yet they consider themselves to be the ONLY "Working man" in America. Screw everyone else. The rest of us are just stooges for "The man". In other words Union Members for the most part are selfish, uncaring, and just generally mean human beings.

* The Union will demand higher wages and benefits even if they know for a fact that it will bankrupt their own company and cost them their job. That is essentially what happened to me.

* If the Union runs out of enemies briefly, they will literally turn on each other to fight for their own personal best interest over other equal union members. I have seen this first hand.

If Jimmy Hoffa jr wants a fight. Then I say go ahead. Most of the rest of us are Christian enough to pray for them first and foremost, because they are our "enemy", and we are called to love them. Most of us will avoid a fight the best way we can. However.. if the civil war starts and we are forced to fight.. You can bet that Tea Party members are packing.. and will defend their homes and their families.

So much for the civil discourse that Obama was demanding. Pathetic.