Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Union Member Puts Daughter In Front of Oncoming Truck

C'mon people.. he only put his daughter's life at risk because he didn't like how much he was having to pay for his medical benefits... That's understandable... Right? Right?

It’s only been a few days since 45,000 CWA and IBEW members walked off their jobs at Verizon, however, incidents of harassment, sabotage, and illegal picketing have already begun to pile up.

On Tuesday, Verizon obtained an injunction in Pennsylvania and filed for one in Delaware “to prevent ‘illegal’ and ‘reprehensible’ strike activities such as keeping managers out of buildings.”

In one deplorable incident, a foul-mouthed IBEW member in New Jersey put his young daughter in front of a Verizon truck turning into a driveway as he berated the driver using expletives.

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Sick, sad, and stupid.