Saturday, August 06, 2011

Did Obama Destroy The Economy On Purpose?

Last night America lost it's stellar credit rating. The first time ever. I believe our president trained for this day. More and more I begin to believe that the "dreams of his father" were actually America's nightmares. And I know what you are saying.. "Oh but Reagan, Clinton, Bush, they all brought us to this point, it's all their fault..." Well I'd say you are wrong. Clinton and Bush drove the economic bus way too close to the cliff.. However Obama put it into drive and floored it.. and when the economy tried to survive on it's own he took a bulldozer and pushed it off the cliff. So while former presidents are guilty of spending too much.. The current president has blood on his hands and is still chopping away.

My grandfather fought for this country. But was it THIS that he fought for? Back then everyone came together because the world was in trouble. And back then as Americans we walked over to Asia and Europe and we kicked their tails back to the stone age on their own home soil! We did that because we knew that freedom was at stake.. and freedom was precious. Today.. nothing is precious. Nothing is sacred. Nothing is worth dying for. I can't imagine this generation coming together for anything besides looting, whining, and stupid flash mobs that just annoy everyone and make them look like mentally challenged children.

The problem is we allowed a Marxist past the goalie. He promised us stuff and we ate it up like it was candy and he walked right in like he owned the place. We weren't thinking about our neighbor or our friends. We were thinking about ourselves. And then we were led to believe that the problem was these evil rich white capitalists sitting in their office lighting cigars with 100 dollar bills. They hire us, but yet they make more than us and we do all the work. But see that man hires me, and he also puts his own money on the line. I can pick up and go wherever I want without any repercussions. He or she cannot.
But this isn't an argument about capitalism vs Marxism.. It's an argument against the guy at the wheel. He is pushing this change, but has yet to show us that it works in any way, shape or form. He is implementing reform against 200 years of established economic policy that has proven to work time and time again. So we have poor people? Somehow making us ALL poor is a better system?
I always say, either Obama is one of the dumbest presidents in history, or he knows exactly what he is doing. Unfortunately, I think it's the latter. And by the time this is all over we will all be hemorrhaging our savings and 401ks to prove it. And Obama gets to pack up and walk away from it all...

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