Saturday, July 16, 2011

3 Reasons One Might Choose Google+

Got my account this week. Anyone need an invite? Here's why you should choose it over Facebook...

* Because fads need to come and go. Facebook has had it's day. They made their movies about it. Now it's time to let a small time, mom-and-pop little organization called Google give it a chance. They've tried at least twice before and failed miserably when it comes to Social Media.. But they succeed at everything else. I'd say they're due.

* It's sleek. Once you figure it out.. which takes days sometimes, it runs like a machine, with potential for it to take over your life and then of course suck out the last bit of live human interaction you had left in your life.

* Who cares? My brain is fried from Facebook and Twitter, one more social disaster site certainly isn't going to hurt. Sadly we know things about people that we used to not have to know and didn't care to know. It's a wonderful life? Well.. It's a life... Or is it even that? Either way.. HOORAY!

So jump on board google+ and then learn to swim.

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