Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The World Is Toast... And Not The Edible Kind

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The America that our grandfather's died for lasted only a short time. Technology and stupidity came rushing in and ruined us all. That same thing is happening in every country on this globe. Now we are breathing the last gasps before we slip into total chaos, new world order, and government rule. The final result will be catastrophe and disaster on a God-sized scale.

When will this happen?
I'd say we have 20 to 40 years tops. But I am no Harold Camping.. I only know that it will happen, not when.

Why am I so gloomy about out future? (Time for my go-to bullet points...AKA lazy writing!)

* I am a Christian..first and foremost. The Word of God is abundantly clear that this world is a sinking ship, and all we are left to do, forced to do, must do.. is abandon ship and do our best to get our co-workers, friends, and family to get in the life raft with us.

* Just like Jesus predicted, Christians aren't abandoning ship. We are on the ship partying with the rest of them and only occasionally do we sit in the lifeboat, only to get back out and blend right back in with the world again.

* We somehow purposefully elected a president that in 3 short years all but dismantled what our forefathers built with their sweat and blood. It's not ALL his fault.. He had help from the presidents who came before that set the stage.. and really to be honest it's OUR fault. We felt entitled and then we idiotically believed that the government can somehow magically provide us free services.. so we bought it and bit it..hook, line, and sinker.

* C'mon, think about it! Think of how technology is changing so rapidly. Do you really believe that 30 years from now we will still have little square computers that we keep in our pocket and take out to play Angry Birds?
I watched a documentary called Transcendent Man where Ray Kurzweil says that within the next twenty years we will start to combine human life with technology and the lame will walk, the blind will see, and we can eventually achieve eternal life. In other words.. we become god.. Do you really believe that an all powerful, Holy God is going to allow that to happen on His watch? This world will soon end.. mark it down and believe it!

So go read your Bible, put on your life preserver and get in the life raft, and you will be saved.. Only through Jesus Christ!

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