Monday, May 02, 2011

Thoughts On The Killing Of Osama Bin Laden

Last night on Twitter I was caught up in the moment and jubilant about the death of this horrible man. I think as a Christian I need to celebrate the victory and the fact that justice was served. However it's not good to cheer any death of a lost soul. It was necessary, just like all war: Undesirable yet completely justified and necessary. So here are a few thoughts about yesterday's (May 1st) operation and the announcement.

* Nice shot! You DO NOT mess with the Navy Seals. You can run but you will only die tired.

* Osama was true evil if what they say is true.. apparently he used his wife as a human shield to block him from the bullets. Pathetic and sick. But honestly this is how most fundamental Muslims treat all women. As cattle.

* I have spent the day on Twitter and FB carefully correcting myself because it's so easy to type "Obama" instead of "Osama".. and getting that one wrong in the wrong sentence can mean a visit from the Secret Service. That is really scary that his name is so close. Can you imagine if the president at the time of WWII was named Bob Hitzler?

* Is it Osama or Usama? Is it Ben Laden or Bin Laden? We do know that his brother is Randy Laden though.. so at least that's clear.

* I give Obama props for allowing the operation to be carried out. I thank him and thank God that he had the courage to okay the mission. I do have trouble giving Obama the full credit for the death of Osama.. Bush kind of layed the groundwork for 8 years. It would be kind of like picking up a spare in bowling and asking for recognition for all ten pins.

* Bill Clinton is the one that ought to be ashamed for releasing Osama during his presidency. Granted he hadn't gone through with 9/11 yet but that would be like releasing Hitler because he hadn't yet bombed London.

* It was nice to see people in the streets chanting "USA USA!" I never get tired of that. Those moments that bring a sudden stop to the mudslinging and bring us all together as a nation if only for a few moments are precious... fewer and farther between but precious.

* Let the conspiracy theories begin.

* I'll start one now.. Did Obama do it to distract us from finding out that the birth certificate was a forged document??

* I don't actually believe that.. But what if????????

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