Thursday, May 05, 2011

Loaded Questions For Liberals, Atheists and MSNBC Watchers

* Liberals spent years telling us to question and rebel against authority. Yet if we don't take Obama at his word then we are racist, haters, tea-baggers and unpatriotic? Huh?? How do you sleep at night?

* How is Obama managing to completely botch the Osama elimination which should have been a grand slam for him? Doesn't it seem like that would take a special kind of incompetence?

* They are worried that the photos might be insensitive to Muslim tradition? Isn't blowing someone's head clean off there shoulders insensitive to Muslim tradition? What ISN'T insensitive to Muslims?

* Why do you libs go straight to playground insults? It makes you look weak in your stance. Well your stance helps too.

* Isn't it peculiar that some of the people who are praising Obama for killing Osama are the very ones who wanted Bush charged with war crimes?

* Atheists.. since you believe God is dead.. what will you say to him when you die and find out he is really alive and he wants you to tell Him who you were in your life?

* Atheists.. What came before nothing?

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Rover said...

There are a lot of liberals who criticize Obama on a number of things. His failing to close guantanamo, his watered down health care reform, his constant use of the states secret privilege even though he campaigned on transparency, continuation of holding people without trial etc etc.

What do conservatives criticize obama for? For being a socialist communist, foreign born anti-christ. High on ridiculous hyperbole, but low on substantive issues. almost half of republicans were birthers.

I'll skip the osama stuff and move on to your gripes with atheism. The thing that annoys atheists most about christians is the absolute certitude in their beliefs that christians display. You claim to know the unknowable with 100% certainty, it's logically impossible, empirically completely unsubstantiated, and gives us the impression christians aren't very well educated.

As for the big questions on how the universe got started. We go with science, you go with magic.
How exactly the universe got started? I don't know, but "I don't know" is a more honest answer than "a wizard did it with magic" which does not explain anything at all.

Where did god get his magic powers? How does he do magic? Why did he conjure up the universe as it is now, and not some other way, after all he could have created it any way he wanted right? Where does god come from? etc.

Saying it was magic explains exactly nothing at all. It's a response to the question, but not an answer.