Saturday, May 28, 2011

Liberal Lies

* "Homosexuality is normal. If you oppose gay marriage you are just homophobic which is just like being racist."

* "We are the only ones that can declare who is racist and who isn't."

* "You are more likely to kill your own kids with a gun than an intruder."

* "We can tax America into prosperity."

* "Republicans are rich folks who live off of greed. Democrats are the party of the people."

* "Truth? Truth is nothing but my interpretation of how things should be."

* "Republicans want to burn down orphanages and shove grandma into a pit of alligators."

* "You are entitled to free health care."

* "The state can raise your kids much better than you."

* "It takes a village."

* "Getting rid of talk radio and conservative blogs is not a violation of the 1st amendment, it is simply leveling the playing field and making things fair."

* "Obama is doing the best he can. He inherited everything that is wrong with his administration from George W. Bush."

* "Making fun of Sarah Palin's mentally disabled son is fair game because she is so dumb... Therefore she deserves it and so does her son."

* "We don't need to teach men to fish.. all we need to do is take fish from the ones that caught so many and distribute them. That way no one feels bad about not wanting to fish."

* "Hard workers leads to greedy workers and those people are undertaxed."

* "Islam is a religion of peace."

* "Atrocities committed by Christians and Jews outweigh any terrorism that Muslims have done, in fact they are just reaping what they have sown."

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