Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Believe...

* I believe that Jesus IS the Christ, the son of the living God, and my personal Lord and Savior.

* I believe we are into the last days on this earth. Tsunamis, earthquakes, war, hatred, tornadoes, terrorism, school shootings, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, pornography, famine, sexual abuse, domestic violence selfishness, greed, drought, floods, blasphemy, feelings of entitlement, false prophets, false teachers, sexualized preteens, gangs, drugs, murders, and persecution of Christians are all about to become so commonplace that they will barely make the last page of the newspaper.

* I believe that atheists will become more of a cult, and a religion then they would ever like to admit to.

* I believe that atheists will fulfill prophecy by ignoring the terrorism of Islam, the way they treat their women, children, and even homosexuals; So that they can focus on Christianity which they see as a true threat.

* I believe that atheists see Christianity as the true threat because when they are faced with the concept of a Holy God it causes them to rebel against something that even their own conscience knows to be true.

* I believe Christians need to be ready to die, yes die, for the cause of Christ. If you aren't ready to accept being shot execution style, or beheaded because you won't renounce the name of Jesus then now is the time to prepare yourself. It may not happen to you but it will probably happen to your children or your children's children.. If they are believers.

* I believe a true Christian will be ready to die for Christ. They can have my body.. My soul belongs to Him.

* I believe that now more than ever Christians need to prepare to love their enemy, pray for their hardened hearts, and lay down our lives in the same way Stephen did. Because really, they know not what they are doing.

* I believe that waking up in Glory far outweighs any fear of death. Death, where is your sting? So in otherwords.. Let's roll!

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