Friday, May 20, 2011

Controversial Opinions That Really Shouldn't Be Controversial

* Homosexuality is gross. Not only is it truly an abomination that God hates.. It's just disgusting. Plus even if you are a humanistic evolutionist it makes literally no sense whatsoever. In fact it would be backwards to what Darwin claimed. It's nothing more than people just giving up and giving in to a lustful carnal nature.. the ultimate in sexual rebellion.

* Christians are not entitled to health and happiness. In fact they are promised quite the opposite. What they get in return is a chance to have peace in the midst of hardship.. which is so much more glorious than all the gold and silver you can acquire in this life.

* On a grand scale Black people have a victim mentality thanks to liberals who want nothing more than to give handouts just enough to keep coming back for more, in exchange for votes of course.. which is not much farther from the plantation they left a hundred and fifty years ago. All they need to do is proceed like millions of African Americans who have embraced capitalism and the American dream. Liberals do this to White folks too, but they see Black folks more as a demographic and less as individual human beings.

* The reason liberals hate any sort of plan to do anything about illegal immigration is because they see Mexicans as... well just read the opinion above this one and you'll understand.

* Atheists only speak out against belief when they are scared of their own disbelief and the consequences that take place if they turn out to be wrong. If I'm wrong then I end up in the same pine box they do. If they are wrong, then they have everything to lose.


Rover said...

Your "argument" against homosexuality confirms my belief that christians only believe in the freedom to be a christian. Do you even understand the basic concept of freedom? What two consenting adults of the same gender do in their bedrooms has absolutely ZERO effect on you. Whether or not two adults of the same gender get married does not change your life one bit. Nor anyone elses. You conservative christians are always clamoring on about freedom and liberty, but you never seem to understand what those words actually mean.
Evolution is a scientific theory which explains the diversity of life, it is not a rule book to live your life by.

Christian conservatives are so deathly afraid of fundamentalist muslims like the taliban, or the mullahs of Iran. Without ever realizing that christian conservatives have more in common with muslim fundamentalists than with american liberal atheists. You're both creationists, virulently anti-gay, support traditional gender roles, support public displays of religion and religious piety by government officials, you both oppose abortion and you both would agree to laws of censorship to protect "decency." You both frown upon sex before marriage, and you both support the teaching of abstinence only sex education. The religious right and fundamentalist muslims have so much in common, it always baffles me that they hate each other so much.
There's a reason the religious right is often referred to as "the american taliban"

Aaroncoal said...

Well I read your comment.. but you lost me as soon as you basically called Christians terrorists.. That's so silly that I literally can't engage you in conversation about it. My post said nothing about gay marriage or rights or anything like that. It said that it is gross..

Rover said...

Oh I'm sorry, so you'd be fine with gay marriage and same sex couples adopting children?

Also I didn't call christians terrorists, I said social conservative christians have more in common with muslims fundamentalists than they do with liberal atheists.

Also, you seem to have a habit of imagining what goes on in other's people minds without actually knowing a damned thing. Homosexuality isn't a choice people make to rebel. And retreating into pascal's wager shows you're not exactly an intellectual heavy weight as pascal's wager posits a false dichotomy.

Aaroncoal said...

I didn't say anything about Pascal's Wager.. because I do not agree that the Christian life is the blissful life that Pascal seemed to envision.
I believe this version which is 100% true.. If God does NOT exist.. all my belief and faith and trust cannot conjure him up. However on the flip side, if God DOES exist then all of your disbelief can't kill him. Can we agree on that?