Monday, May 23, 2011

10 Questions For Thinking Atheists

I don't get many comments on this site. I would say over 75% of people that do comment are atheists who have taken exception to something I posted. and I would say 50% of those are filled with rage and anger. Why is this? To me you would think that the atheist, if he or she TRULY believed there was no God, would be the most easy going person around. What good would anger do when talking to a believer? The end result is the same. Whether you live 20 years, 60 years, 80 years or 100 years, you would still end up in the pine box with no memory of your life..dead..gone. (This is not Pascal's wager.. because I never claim that if I'm wrong that I have lived a better fact I would be most to be pitied. Pascal got that part wrong.) So why would you waste a second of your time engaging someone, anyone about the subject. Eat, drink, for tomorrow you die....right?
Well here are a few honest questions I have for the atheist..

1. Hypothetically tomorrow we wake up and everyone has dropped their belief in God. God is dead, and we begin to dismantle all of the churches.. Have you really thought through the ramifications of that scenario? What about when ethics become a matter of preference? I'll give you a hint.. Nietzsche did.

2. If everything in the world can be explained scientifically, how do you explain science itself?

3. Do you stop at red lights in the middle of the night when there are no other cars and no police in sight? Why or why not? Isn't getting caught, really the only reason not to break the law?

4. Could God have created things with age? If you cut down a tree on the first day in the Garden of Eden, do you believe there would be no rings to show it's age? Could God have produced layers of sediment and rock? What would carbon dating read if God did create everything almost as you see it in it's current form?

5. Is it impossible that there might be a God?

6. You keep looking up to the sky asking where God is, have you ever considered that you might just be standing in the palm of His hand?

7. Where is the missing link.. and I don't mean the one or two maybes that are out there.. I mean where are the millions and millions of fossilized "half ways"?

8. Atheists have groups that get together to discuss their ideas. How is this different from Church? Especially since now you have billboards and Washington advocacy groups.

9. When you use facts and logic to disprove God, do you start at a conclusion and then form your belief from that instead of starting at a premise and THEN finding a conclusion?

10. Did the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, brain, cell structure, DNA, digestive system, circulatory system and the lymph system all evolve in an instant at the same time? If not, then how did any one of those intricate items survive without any one of those other items? How do you know?


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