Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tonight's TV Schedule

If only I had Tivo! I want to watch it all.

7pm Gay Pawn Shop Hunters
8pm The Repo Ladies
9pm Obesity Freak Show

7pm Queers Talking Fashion
8pm The Gay Decor Rodeo
9pm Still More Gay

7pm Vain, Whiny House Hunters
8pm Design On A Dime(By Dime We Mean $45,000)
9pm More Stuff You Could Never Afford

Discovery Channel:
7pm Midget Bigamists
8pm Hoarders: I've Got 23 Kids
9pm Extreme Garage Salers

7pm Totally Non-scripted Repo Show
8pm Absolutely Real Tow Truck Show
9pm We Swear.. Totally Real Unscripted Reality Cop Show

The History Channel:
7pm Hitler's Secret Bedroom Habits
8pm Hitler's Mysteries
9pm Random WWII Footage, Featuring Hitler

7pm Obama: Messiah or Superhero?
8pm The Ed Something or Other Show
9pm Who Are We Kidding? No One Is Watching At This Hour.

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