Saturday, April 02, 2011

It's Time To Get Reacquainted With The Word "No"

Obama has a slogan, "Yes We Can". And they pride themselves on being the party of "yes". However where has "yes" gotten us? We just saw in Wisconsin how liberals will act when you tell them "no". Can you imagine how damaged you would be as an adult if all you ever heard as a kid was "yes"?
Can I have that toy? Yes. Can I stay over at my friends house? Yes. Can I play in the busy street? Yes. I want that kids bike, can I steal it? Yes? Can I play with that gun? Yes?? Can I have only candy corn to eat for every meal? Yes Yes Yes!

The democrats are a lot like children. They think the American dream is not only having what you want, but also not allowing your neighbors to have more than you. It is based in greed, want, and envy.
Conservatives seem to be okay with the fact that some people have more than they do. We are content in our surroundings whatever they may be, because we cherish relationships and God first. Money can't buy those things.
Well since the democrats are very immature and childlike in their thinking, I think it's time we get some adults in Washington who aren't afraid of being one-termers from the start. Sort of a kamikaze candidate. Someone whose one task it is to slap the pacifier out of the mouths of the American people and take the hit. It's really our only chance at ever turning around this country. We can't afford democrats anymore.. literally.

So let me help say "no" to some things now..

* Can we have a budget that allows us to not raise taxes but at the same time keep all the government programs without any cuts to our favorite entitlements? NO!

* Can we be free from any terrorist threat but at the same time be able to go through the gate at the airport without any hassle or inconvenience? NO!

* We realize that the state is going bankrupt however we want to be able to collectively bargain against the taxpayers dollars and have premium health care and benefits provided at no cost to us. NO!

* My car payment is too high, can the government help me with that? NO!

* My neighbor owns his own business and makes like $200,000 more than I do a year, I want some of his money, he has too much. NO!

* Fox News sometimes says things contrary to what the other "mainstream" media is saying. Can we have them taken off the air so that once again only one point of view is given by all news organizations? NO!

* When I call someone racist, I want the fact that I called them that be enough to deem them as a racist, regardless of whether or not they actually are racist. Is that cool? NO!

* Can I have unemployment for just one more year, or until Days Of Our Lives goes off the air.. Please!? NO!

So you see.. "No" isn't so bad!

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