Friday, March 11, 2011

Undeniable Truths

* Look, it's real simple. We are broke as a nation. We are digging around for change under the couch cushions. The liberal's solution is this.. "Hey, let's go down to that Payday Loan place and get some extra money and then we won't be broke anymore and we can keep our stuff and even get more stuff." The conservative solution is this.. "Alright, that's it... Ramen noodles and Mr. Pibb for dinner, we are going to have to cut the budget all over the place. No more clothes from The Gap, we are going to have to buy from the thrift store.. It's going to hurt for a while but in the long run it will keep us afloat."
So the question is.. Which solution is more responsible?

* The coming second civil war in this country doesn't look good for the liberals. Nobody wants violence.. And there is no indication, yet, that we are headed towards that kind of a war. But let's say it does get violent. Who has all the guns, liberals or republicans? Which side do you think the military is going to choose? Pray that it never comes to that. But always be vigilant. The one thing the left does have going for it is the combination of crazy and reckless anger. That might just be a plus in their column when the muskets start firing.

* I'm not worried about the coming revolution. Jesus Christ has overcome the world. So they can take our lives but if you are a true Believer then your soul is already spoken for. Now that's true Winning!

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