Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Texting 911

The latest thing that police departments across the country are preparing to implement is being able to text emergencies to 911 dispatch. I think this will be tough if you have to pass along a lot of information so I decided to do a service to the cause and share some text shortcuts I invented that can make the process much easier.
Here are a few real life examples..

* "Help SA" (Help send ambulance)

* "Help BRAG!" (Help being robbed at gunpoint)

* "IWTCTAM" (I want to confess to a murder)

* "Help SDJPM" (Help some dude just punched me)

* "Alert BLS" (Alert Bin Laden sighting)

* "Help Walmart IOF" (Help Walmart Is On fire)

* "GCF-TYT" (Girl cat fight, take your time)

* "PS LOL" (Possible suicide, lady on ledge)

* "187 on the undercover cop" (Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre are here)

* "Uh Oh.. NHHB!!" (Uh oh, Nuclear holocaust has begun)

You're welcome America!

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