Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Loaded Questions For Liberals, Communists, and Atheists

* If you are against war and gun ownership, are you against putting up any kind of fight if an intruder is assaulting your loved ones? Or, will you just say to yourself that this must be society's fault and wish the assailant a good day on his way out?

* If there are only natural explanations for the origins of the universe then what happened in the beginning? How could there even be a beginning if there was once nothing? If there wasn't once nothing, then who was in charge to oversee that there was something?

* If truth is relative then how come I still have to look both ways before I cross the street? It's either the oncoming truck or me, not both.

* How lonely is your existence if the only thing you deem worthy of waging war on is FOX news?

* If every Communist country ends up with a dictator, then why would the U.S. be any different? If Bush was evil for putting the Patriot Act in place then how in the world are you going to make it under total tyranny?

* When a Christian talks about Jesus why do you become enraged as if they just committed a hate crime? If Islam is peaceful and Christians are dangerous, which religion would you rather live under if you had to pick? Now ask your any woman the same question.

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