Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear Unions,

You claim that you are "for the people". However you represent a small fraction of the entire American workforce. How can you be "for the people" if your demands only benefit you and actually hurt the rest of the populace? You cause raised taxes all over the state so that you can get entitlements and freebies that only you claim are human rights.
Let me be clear.. when I get hired for a job, I care very little about the collective. I am there to do my work, to the best of my ability. I refuse to be held hostage by a mafia built on greed and a feeling of entitlement. When I got a job I was selling a product, my skills and labor. When I want to please the customer, my boss, I work hard and give him or her a full day's work for a full day's pay. If I get fired or laid off, then I take my product elsewhere. I don't cause a standoff that creates higher taxes for the population as a whole.
Leave us alone, do your work, collect your paycheck, and take care if your families with whatever you are privileged to receive.


The Rest Of Us

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