Thursday, March 31, 2011

John MacArthur On Joel Osteen

Quote on Osteen's book Your Best Life Now...

"I want to hasten to say, he is absolutely right. If you believe in what he says in that book this WILL be your best life. It will be a whole lot better than the next one."


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Texting 911

The latest thing that police departments across the country are preparing to implement is being able to text emergencies to 911 dispatch. I think this will be tough if you have to pass along a lot of information so I decided to do a service to the cause and share some text shortcuts I invented that can make the process much easier.
Here are a few real life examples..

* "Help SA" (Help send ambulance)

* "Help BRAG!" (Help being robbed at gunpoint)

* "IWTCTAM" (I want to confess to a murder)

* "Help SDJPM" (Help some dude just punched me)

* "Alert BLS" (Alert Bin Laden sighting)

* "Help Walmart IOF" (Help Walmart Is On fire)

* "GCF-TYT" (Girl cat fight, take your time)

* "PS LOL" (Possible suicide, lady on ledge)

* "187 on the undercover cop" (Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre are here)

* "Uh Oh.. NHHB!!" (Uh oh, Nuclear holocaust has begun)

You're welcome America!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Loaded Questions For Liberals, Communists, and Atheists

* If you are against war and gun ownership, are you against putting up any kind of fight if an intruder is assaulting your loved ones? Or, will you just say to yourself that this must be society's fault and wish the assailant a good day on his way out?

* If there are only natural explanations for the origins of the universe then what happened in the beginning? How could there even be a beginning if there was once nothing? If there wasn't once nothing, then who was in charge to oversee that there was something?

* If truth is relative then how come I still have to look both ways before I cross the street? It's either the oncoming truck or me, not both.

* How lonely is your existence if the only thing you deem worthy of waging war on is FOX news?

* If every Communist country ends up with a dictator, then why would the U.S. be any different? If Bush was evil for putting the Patriot Act in place then how in the world are you going to make it under total tyranny?

* When a Christian talks about Jesus why do you become enraged as if they just committed a hate crime? If Islam is peaceful and Christians are dangerous, which religion would you rather live under if you had to pick? Now ask your any woman the same question.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun Facts

* Participating in "Earth Hour" this year made me feel like I was really doing my part. I went around the house and turned on all the lights, ran the hoses outside on the pavement, and sprayed aerosol cans into the air. Wait did I do that right? Ahh shoot, I forgot to club that baby seal! Oh well.. next year!

* How come Beethoven never put out a live album?

* Liberals respect everyone's beliefs.. as long as they don't actually really believe it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

When Men Were Men

Read the stories of men who received the Medal Of Honor. Most of whom, had to die to get such an honor.

Do yourself a favor and go to and read a few every day.


Rank and organization: Private First Class, U.S. Army, Company B, 148th Infantry, 37th Infantry Division. Place and date: Paco Railroad Station, Manila, Philippine Islands. 9 February 1945. Entered service at: Pryor, Okla. Birth. Muskogee, Okla. G.O. No.: 89, 19 October 1945. Citation. He was engaged in the attack on the Paco Railroad Station, which was strongly defended by 300 determined enemy soldiers with machineguns and rifles, supported by several pillboxes, 3 20mm. guns, 1 37-mm. gun and heavy mortars. While making a frontal assault across an open field, his platoon was halted 100 yards from the station by intense enemy fire. On his own initiative he left the platoon. accompanied by a comrade, and continued forward to a house 60 yards from the objective. Although under constant enemy observation. the 2 men remained in this position for an hour, firing at targets of opportunity, killing more than 35 Japanese and wounding many more. Moving closer to the station and discovering a group of Japanese replacements attempting to reach pillboxes, they opened heavy fire, killed more than 40 and stopped all subsequent attempts to man the emplacements. Enemy fire became more intense as they advanced to within 20 yards of the station. From that point Pfc. Reese provided effective covering fire and courageously drew enemy fire to himself while his companion killed 7 Japanese and destroyed a 20-mm. gun and heavy machinegun with handgrenades. With their ammunition running low, the 2 men started to return to the American lines, alternately providing covering fire for each other as they withdrew. During this movement, Pfc. Reese was killed by enemy fire as he reloaded his rifle. The intrepid team, in 21/2 hours of fierce fighting, killed more than 82 Japanese, completely disorganized their defense and paved the way for subsequent complete defeat of the enemy at this strong point. By his gallant determination in the face of tremendous odds, aggressive fighting spirit, and extreme heroism at the cost of his life, Pfc. Reese materially aided the advance of our troops in Manila and providing a lasting inspiration to all those with whom he served

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Celebs In Scientology Cult Ignore Abuse Claims

Mark Bunker talks to several celebrities outside Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison event about Scientology. He is making a documentary about the abusive cult. Something tells me that Juliette Lewis just made it into the trailer with her last comment. Amazing!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things I Don't Trust

* Scientists

* Liberals

* Self-help books

* College Students

* Men

* Women

* Drinkers of alcohol

* Muslims

* People that own their own pool cue

* Gay activists


* Cats

* The entire cast of Glee

* George Soros

* Republicans

* Overly tanned sorority girls

* People that believe in ghosts

* Creflo Dollar

* Hippies

* Unions

* Hastily built scaffolding

* Mormons

* Joel Osteen

* Rick Warren

* Cirque De Soleil

* People who still watch WWE wrestling

* Jay Leno

* The NFL

* Garrison Keillor

* The neighbor's dog

* People younger than 50 that smoke pipes

* Democrats

* iPhone enthusiasts

* Oatmeal at McDonald's

* The entire state of California

* Humans

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun Facts

* Atheist groups in Arizona are suing Governor Brewer for declaring May 6 a "Day of Prayer". Finally someone is doing something in America about this rampant prayer problem. I am also looking for a Federal ban on saying "God bless you" after someone sneezes. And all churches need to be changed into "nature stations" immediately.

* I have a plan. We go to Libya and capture Gaddafi. Then we take him to Japan and force him to be the canary inside the reactor. If he dies then everyone gets out of there. Oh and while you're in there Muammar... spray things down with this water hose.

* How come in the middle east there is always 18 ways to spell someone's name and still be right?Ghaddafi, Gaddafi, Qaddafi, Gadoffeee, etc.. I think he also answers to "G-funk", "The Gad man" and "Smelly".

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear Unions,

You claim that you are "for the people". However you represent a small fraction of the entire American workforce. How can you be "for the people" if your demands only benefit you and actually hurt the rest of the populace? You cause raised taxes all over the state so that you can get entitlements and freebies that only you claim are human rights.
Let me be clear.. when I get hired for a job, I care very little about the collective. I am there to do my work, to the best of my ability. I refuse to be held hostage by a mafia built on greed and a feeling of entitlement. When I got a job I was selling a product, my skills and labor. When I want to please the customer, my boss, I work hard and give him or her a full day's work for a full day's pay. If I get fired or laid off, then I take my product elsewhere. I don't cause a standoff that creates higher taxes for the population as a whole.
Leave us alone, do your work, collect your paycheck, and take care if your families with whatever you are privileged to receive.


The Rest Of Us

New Tsunami Video: One Of The Most Horrific Events Ever Captured On Video

I have no words to describe this. This is total apocalypse captured on video. Kudos to the brave cameraman. As you watch this keep in mind that thousands were killed in this town...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The New Civility

Didn't someone on CNN have to apologize, not one month ago, for using the term "in the crosshairs"? Now look what is all of a sudden acceptable. You stay classy, Time Magazine.

Do not forget this.. Do not underestimate how violent the left is just below the surface! Trust me. There will come a time in this country, very soon, when the left will feel totally justified in creating violence against the right out in the open and it will be praised in the media as righteous.
I guarantee it. Do not listen to their lies about the "vitriol" on the right. That is just to cover up for the rage that is coursing through their veins.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Possibly The Worst Song & Music Video Ever

Rebecca Black- Friday
If you ever forget where exactly in the week Friday falls.. just listen to the bridge of this song where you will get a full education on the subject.

Who made this? and What were they thinking?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bill Gates Gets Owned In Front Of Crowd

The history of control-alt-delete.. which ends with Bill Gates getting burned live on stage,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fun Facts

* This week there was a rumor flying all over the internets that Cap'n Crunch was being taken off the shelves forever. It turned out not to be true, but for a while there my taste buds were crying tears of mourning while the roof of my mouth was sighing with relief. Sorry roof of mouth. :(

* Why does the government only implant transmitters into teeth of crazy, paranoid people from the streets? Why aren't sane people getting the same treatment? I'm calling for a full congressional investigation.

* What are we going to do without our 'Two and a Half Men' fix? Probably we'll just do what we were already doing without it. So nothing really changes I guess.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Andrew Klavan: Behold! Your Public Sector Unions at Work.

"You Will Suffer" by John Piper

For the Christians in Japan. Our prayers are with you...

Undeniable Truths

* Look, it's real simple. We are broke as a nation. We are digging around for change under the couch cushions. The liberal's solution is this.. "Hey, let's go down to that Payday Loan place and get some extra money and then we won't be broke anymore and we can keep our stuff and even get more stuff." The conservative solution is this.. "Alright, that's it... Ramen noodles and Mr. Pibb for dinner, we are going to have to cut the budget all over the place. No more clothes from The Gap, we are going to have to buy from the thrift store.. It's going to hurt for a while but in the long run it will keep us afloat."
So the question is.. Which solution is more responsible?

* The coming second civil war in this country doesn't look good for the liberals. Nobody wants violence.. And there is no indication, yet, that we are headed towards that kind of a war. But let's say it does get violent. Who has all the guns, liberals or republicans? Which side do you think the military is going to choose? Pray that it never comes to that. But always be vigilant. The one thing the left does have going for it is the combination of crazy and reckless anger. That might just be a plus in their column when the muskets start firing.

* I'm not worried about the coming revolution. Jesus Christ has overcome the world. So they can take our lives but if you are a true Believer then your soul is already spoken for. Now that's true Winning!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Wisconsin,

Sometimes you just have to take the binky away from the baby and just let him cry.



Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Monday, March 07, 2011

John Crowder and Godless Evangelism

This from a site called


By Ken Silva pastor-teacher

No, it’s not a new rock band; um, athough he does like to teach people to party in God on his “Drunken Glory Tours”:

John Crowder and Benjamin Dunn travel the world on a continual Love Feast known as the Drunken Glory Tour. This collaborative “party ministry” is setting thousands free around the globe as we boast in nothing but the finished works of Jesus Christ, bringing an intoxicating, new wine message of glad tidings! (Online source)

At the website Sons of Thunder we find out that John Crowder and his wife Lily:

have a passion to spread the exhuberant love and joy of the supernatural gospel of Jesus Christ. They are prophetic healing revivalists based out of Griffin, GA. They are founders of Sons of Thunder Ministries and Publications, speaking at conferences, events and evangelistic campaigns across North America and around the world… (Online source)


May God have mercy upon us…

Sunday, March 06, 2011

John Crowder and The Rise of Demonic Manifestations

Do me a favor. Watch this video and tell me if you believe the Lord of Creation has anything to do with this man. He believes in getting "high" on the "holy spirit"... except I would say instead he has called up darkness. May God have mercy on us all!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Dark Spread Of Islam

I wish I could call this video false alarmist. But I can't.. The time is soon closing in and is inevitable..

Friday, March 04, 2011

Thi$ I$ For The Kid$

Would you hire this woman? All she cares about is ME ME ME ME!!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Fun Facts

* Obama says that Tea Party members have an underlying racism. I call it just being sick of idiots. We couldn't care less about what race you are. Stupid ideas apparently are color blind.

* The race card... The last gasp for the ideologically bankrupt liberal who just realized his argument has as much credibility as a Charlie Sheen radio talk show rant.

* Charlie Sheen... Cocaine and unbridled stupidity are a bad combination.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Wisconsin Protestors Chasing GOP Senator

The party of vitriol is not the republicans or the tea party.. (Warning..GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)