Sunday, February 20, 2011

Undeniable Truths

* American Christians are the least prepared group in the world when it comes to persecution. I think most of us don't even think it will come, and when it does come our faith is so weak and worldly we will cave without a moments hesitation. We have woefully numbed ourselves with possessions and movies and television to the point that you can't tell where we end and the world begins. Until we are baptized in anguish over our own sin then we are grossly and sadly unprepared.

* A pastor I listen to online had a whole sermon series about the evil of Christian Rock Music. He said it is music that imitates the world but adds Christian lyrics. I have to beg to differ with this fine preacher. Music styles are totally subjective. I wouldn't know where to draw the line on this one. At what point would I say "oops this just passed over into rock music."? I agree with him that we have to be careful. And it helps if the lyrics are truly gratifying to Christ.. But I can't see where a certain level of distortion or effects on a tune cause it to pass over into worldly. Except for Petra maybe.. Those guys are straight up evil. Kidding.

* I am against homosexuality. I'm one of those "whack-o" Christians that believes it is an abomination before a Holy God. So many homosexuals claim that it's all good because Jesus never said it was wrong. The one thing that I can't get past is this.. Many homosexual claim that they were born like this and they can't help it.. but the Bible is clear that sex before marriage is wrong. It's adultery. And you can't deny that the Word makes it clear time after time that this is unacceptable. So why, even if you do believe that homosexuality is all cool with God, do you then partner up and engage in sexual acts? I am was born heterosexual, and it is against the Word for me to engage in sex before marriage. Why would it be okay for you to do this with a man. I believe that even if you were born with those tendencies that even acting on them once is a sin before God.

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