Thursday, January 27, 2011

State Of The Union: It Sucks

First off...
Why is the President telling us what the state of the union is? Shouldn't we, the people, be holding a meeting to tell him what the state of our union is?

Here's a few things we learned..

* The union is in a state so bad that the president had to try and make himself sound like Ronald Reagan in order to appease us. The president hated Ronald Reagan and his policies. There is no way he is going to turn into a fiscal conservative. Even IF Ronald Reagan was riddled with Alzheimer's disease during his presidency (He wasn't) then he would still be ten times better than Spendy-McMarx (My new name for Obama).

* The president referred to Sputnik for some reason to demonstrate our need to create jobs. I think it was because he so admires communism that he can't help but to refer to what he perceives as huge Marxist accomplishments. I still really don't understand how the U.S. creating jobs is our "Sputnik moment".

* We have a passionless, boring president. He truly is the second coming of Jimmy Carter. He IS Jimmy Carter minus the polite demeanor. His speech was dull, emotionless, and really uninspiring. Not that Bush's State of The Union speeches were just a thrill a minute. But at least with Bush you got the impression that he actually believed what he was saying.

The state of the union sucks, and if Obama's speech was any indication, then we are only headed for 2 more years of America-killing mediocrity, if not outright destructive policies.

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