Monday, January 03, 2011

Ike E. Neufeld

Today we buried my grandfather. To me he represented everything that is good about human beings. And today it kind of felt like we were reading the epitaph on the last of a dying breed of men who hold goodness, kindness, gentleness, and the true love of Christ in their hearts. Not just when eyes are on them, but when they are behind closed doors as well.

My grandpa (we called him Pops) was not here on this earth to find 15 minutes of fame. He was not here to bring attention to himself. He was here to point others to Christ, not by going preaching on the streets. He did this by being Christ-like. Sadly this is what we have lost. How can we preach Christ if really it looks like the television is what is guiding us? How can we preach Christ if it looks to the world like we are searching for attention, wealth, and fame?

Pops loved his wife Eldora, he loved his kids, he loved his grandkids, and he loved his great grandkids.. But more importantly, Pops loved people. He loved to meet new people and learn about them and tell them a story or two about his life. And when he talked, you listened because there was wisdom in his words. This is lost on my generation. We crawl into our world of TV and Internet, and we put real, actual human relationships on the back burner. This is why our marriages, and our relationships are in the toilet.

Pops fought in World War II. I think he did it because he believed there were things that gnaw at a man worse than dying.

Ike was a man. A real man. Not an athlete, not a superstar, not an attention grabber, not a chaser of wealth. He was a man. A man with the mark of Jesus Christ stamped on his heart. He was the kind of man I want with me in the foxhole. He gave up a life of comfort, in order to make other people more comfortable.

Ike E. Neufeld passed away, and the world became a little less special when he left.. But heaven is shining tonight because Pops is home.

We'll see you when we get there!

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Julie said...

Wonderful post, Aaron and a wonderful tribute to your grandpa. We were privileged to know him and look forward to worshipping with him in heaven someday.