Saturday, January 29, 2011

If You Aren't Angry, Then You Aren't Paying Attention, Or You Have No Heart

Basically this study says (lies about) having an abortion is okay for your mental health. Having a baby on the other hand causes problems. Conclusion.. let's solve overcrowding by having lots of promiscuous sex, but just aborting the 'undesirable' "thing" growing in your womb.

I can't stand it when women who feel entitled, can't go and find a private place to whip out their private parts in public. All these women who are so adamant about being able to shove out their breasts whenever they want to are the same ones whose kids are going to grow up to suck off the government teat for the rest of their lives. Tactlessness breeds tactlessness. We understand all about how it's natural.. So is going to the bathroom.

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