Friday, December 03, 2010

Dear Mr. President

Mr. President, I woke up this morning to hear the news that unemployment rose to 9.8% today. I was taken aback. But then I was even more shocked when ABC News said that it is actually a sign that the recovery is continuing. Mr. President.. You said your task now was going to be "Jobs, jobs, jobs!". I am asking you to simply do nothing.
Socialism is not working. Raising taxes on the "rich" during one of the worst economic times since the depression will be a disaster of epic proportions. If you stop pushing forth your agenda of class warfare you might be able to salvage a legacy of just being another Jimmy Carter.. with the path you are on now you are headed towards being seen as a villain, not a "robin hood" like you would like to think of yourself.
I know you don't love America, because no one who even liked America would sabotage it so openly as you are. Please reverse course or simply do nothing. For you see, doing nothing would be far superior to what is happening now. I recommend just watching movies in the White House theater, going golfing, or going on vacation all around the world. The tax money we will spend for you to go play would be much more of a savings then you staying in the Oval Office and pushing fourth your toxic ideas on the American people.

Thank you.

Concerned Citizen,

The Life And Times

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Anonymous said...

Hi There!

There is an image of Dwight Schrute on your blog in a post from 2008. I would like to use the image in an online post I'm writing about gifts for nerds...would you be willing to email me and let me know if I can use it? Thanks so much!

I realize how stupid this sounds, but I'm hoping you'll respond anyway.