Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dear America

Does anyone else not see the writing on the wall? Here are the 6 signs that Jesus said would signal the end of the world..

* FALSE PROPHETS AND CHRISTS -- There are so many other "ways" around it's not even funny.. Everything from transcendental meditation to Scientology. All of them purport to be your savior.

* WARS -- Just watch one 24 hour news cycle. So many wars.. and the big one is brewing just beneath the surface.

* FAMINES -- We have a problem in America where we believe that everyone is fed well simply because we have a Burger King on every corner. We live in the 21st Century yet much of Africa and Asia is starving.

* EARTHQUAKES -- A staggering number of seismic events occur around the world daily. And we all know the big one is any day now.

* TRIBULATIONS -- We are told by the media that Christianity is infecting the world with it's message.. In truth, Christianity is under attack more than ever. Ask a missionary in a Third-world country. Martyrdom is a real possibility in so many places around the globe.

* THE GOSPEL WILL BE PREACHED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD -- This may be the one thing holding off the final curtain. There are still unreached people groups.. although that number is dwindling.

I hate to be that weird guy with the "End is Near" sign on the street corner.. But it's kind of hard to ignore what is happening around us at a rapid pace. Wake up America.


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