Monday, October 25, 2010

Ways To Improve The NFL

The NFL doesn't need a lot of help. It's pretty much the most successful sports organization in the world. But I feel there is always room for improvement. Here are my suggestions to sort of make this sport over-the-top great...

* Everybody has the same color jersey with the name "Smith" on the back so quarterbacks have no clue who they are passing to and you have people tackling their own teammates on accident. It would be beautiful chaos.

* Touchdowns are still worth 6 points however you can get extra points for style. For instance doing a front flip into the end zone gives you 3 extra points..and doing the leap frog over your other teammates into the end zone gives you 12 extra points.

* Those guys that launch T-shirts into the crowd at halftime? Keep them on the field throughout the entire game. T-shirts just flying all over the place.

* Kickoffs are now done with a football cannon instead of kicking the ball. Extra points if you hit a member of the opposite team.

* Crazy helmet contest. The night before each player decorates their helmet. The crowd votes at halftime on who has the wackiest helmet.. That player receives a gift basket.

* In random places all over the field there are mud pits.

* Finally, the Superbowl is no longer played on the field. A folding table is set up at the 50 yard line and the two teams play paper football until one team is crowned Superbowl Champion.

I think this could finally give the NFL the boost it needs to become popular even among the elderly, women, children, and Mormons. It will cross all boundaries.

You're welcome NFL.

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