Saturday, October 02, 2010

USD 259 School Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu For The Week of 10/4 - 10/8

Square cardboard-like Pizza
Choice of fudge or Cole Slaw
Brown-leaf tossed salad (with little, if any dressing)
Orange wedge

Beef Fritter
Pumpkin Seeds (salted)
Cabbage Casserole (served room temperature)
Orange Wedge

Chicken Loaf
Peanut Butter (with spoon)
3 Laffy Taffy's
Orange Wedge

Spaghetti Basket
Bread (non-kosher)
Unidentifiable Fruit Cup
Orange Wedge

Pork Hot Pockets
Eggplant Nuggets
Fortune Cookie (tells your future)
Orange Wedge

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