Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Advice To You

Three Decades of Arm Chair Wisdom (a rerun)

My advice to the masses as I am now a score + 12 years old (Take it with a grain of salt because what do I know?)....

* Don't acquire stuff. Stuff gets boring quick and leaves you wanting more stuff. I know this from experience.

* If college is not agreeable with you, drop out. You can always go back. But if you drop out, work hard, get two or three jobs, do not sit around and do nothing.

* Stick with a job/career even if you hate it. Jobs are like marriages, the bad days come and go. If you fall into the trap of job hopping you will never find stability in your life.

* Wait to get married. Wait until your late twenties at least. Chances are pretty good you will get divorced and become just another statistic if you rush into getting married because of a race to the alter. Fight that urge.

* Don't sell your soul for alcohol and entertainment. It's not worth it. Just stay away from wine and beer altogether. If you want to remind yourself why you it's better to stay away from alcohol...just look at the people that drink a lot. It'll become crystal clear.

* Pay for the majority of your purchases with cash. (Learned this one the real hard way.)

* Don't fight your parents. You are going to become just like them anyway so learn to embrace it early on and you will have peace.

* Just be real. More people know when you are being fake than you realize.

* Laugh at yourself daily.

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