Wednesday, October 06, 2010

McDonald's Victim Of More Silly Propaganda

I can't believe how gullible Americans are. Somebody just told me that Walmart owns 90% of Target. She got an email that told her so. Well she's just wrong.

Also.. Have you seen this thing going around the internet where they say that McDonald's just puts the whole chicken in a blender, makes a paste, and then rolls chicken nugget balls.

The picture on the left has gone viral all over the internet with ever changing horror stories about how this is the by-product of an entire chicken, bones, beak and all shoved into a press, then out comes this paste that they supposedly they soak it in ammonia for hours because it is filled with bacteria.. then they add artificial chicken flavoring later. Liberals, corporation haters, and gullible conservatives have been forwarding this like it was the flu. Problem is... It's not true.

It's true that they use machines to separate the meat from the bones. It's called Mechanically Separated Chicken. It is NOT true that they just toss the dead chicken into a press and the bones, beak, and everything are made into a paste.
It is made into a paste-like substance.. but McDonald's uses
100% white meat.. not whole squeezed chicken paste like everyone passing around this propaganda wants you to believe. They have for years. I remember when they switched to 100% white meat.. and trust me, I know my McDonald's.
Let's face it... there's not a guy in the back room at McDonald's chopping and quartering a fresh chicken and then forming it into nuggets.. if you believed that then I'm not sure how you even had the smarts to find a McDonald's in the first place. They have to make a billion nuggets fast. If you don't like it.. don't eat there.. Gee how hard is that to figure out???????????

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