Sunday, August 29, 2010

Liberals Hate America; Sympathize With Terrorists

Like Mark Levin always says.."That's right, I said it!"

Whenever you make the accusation that someone hates something you need to show why. The proof that liberals and Muslims hate America is in the pudding.
Liberals have always despised 1950's style, Leave It To Beaver, Apple Pie America. They show it daily.
Right now we have a president who has made many disparaging remarks about our nation from his college days until present day. He studied Marxism and wrote positive things about it. He is implementing systematic socialism that is destroying our economy, and he bows mainly to our enemies.
He knows that what he is doing is destroying the economy yet he just keeps on pushing it. When I was in High School and I got an F on a math test, I didn't take the next test and give the same answers because they were already proven to be wrong. I studied where I went wrong and did a U-turn and did things the right way. Obama is using the same answers to the question of our economy and he is getting an F time and time again. His only answer is to blame Bush. But let's say Bush did do poorly in the economy in the last year of his Presidency. How does that give Obama free reign to continue down the same "bailout" path, and then blame Bush when it gives him the same result. Stupid.

And bowing to our enemies? We have come to a time when the liberals and the terrorists are saying the same thing. We used to hang people for that legally in this country.

As for the liberal congress, the liberal media, and "progressives" everywhere else? They are just as guilty.. They are attempting to change society, alter culture, and tear down foundational truth. The problem with that is you can't destroy morality by complaining it away. America has a moral foundation because the alternative is lawlessness and anarchy.
We value traditional marriage because when you allow people to perverse the institution itself then you chip away at the foundation. If you destroy the foundation what happens to the building?

There is no turning back, it is our path. The American empire WILL fall and fall hard, and the rest of the world will come crashing down around us. We are the greatest experiment in freedom in the history of existence and we squandered it. Now liberals think that morality is stifling. It is a burden that must be loosened. And loosen it they will. Mark my words. Even if conservatives win in the next 5 elections, liberalism will not go away and it will eventually destroy the American empire.

A lot of Christians seem to be holding out hope that America will rise from the ashes and become that "City on a Hill" that Reagan talked about. And at one time we had that potential. We were great. But Christians of all people should not be so foolish to believe it will stand. We know the world will burn like chaff, Do we actually believe that America will stand until the end?

What we can do is fight liberalism. Preach against it on our blogs, and in the streets. Speak of the ills that accompany liberalism. Talk about the millions that have died under "Progressive" regimes. Speak softly, respectfully, and lovingly, because a time will come the ability to speak softly and respectfully will pass.

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