Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where Have All the Nice People Gone?

I work in an industry where we spend our time trying to make customers feel appreciated. We are genuinely kind to them from the second they walk in the front door. The vast majority of the time this is not something we are doing because we are getting a paycheck, but because we like nice people, pleasantness, good conversation, and friendly interactions.

I have begun to notice a disturbing trend. Not just on my job, but at Walmart, at the mall, on the roads in our cars. The world went and got itself into one big hurry, and to top that off they became rude, and uncaring.

The sad thing is that there is no longer a progression. You see it used to take time to set people off. They'd come into the store with a problem with a product, you'd try to find a solution, and then there were always times when the customer could become impatient and tension would build.

No longer! Now they kick in the door with guns ablazin'. Shoot first, fire off blame, look for retribution from the get go. "How will you make this right with ME?" A lot of times they make unreasonable demands in a hateful manner. Often times it's in front of their own children. They are essentially throwing adult sized temper tantrums. I once said "I will try to solve the problem if you will calm down." This made the person furious. Now I usually just remain quiet until they are done.

Oh how fun it would be if after they throw the tantrum I could say "Does baby want his bottle?"

But such things are not possible.

All kidding aside. It makes me wonder.. Where do we go from here?

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