Tuesday, June 22, 2010

White House Mocks BP's CEO

AFP: White House mocks BP CEO's yacht race, defends Obama golf

The CEO of BP probably shouldn't have gone to his yacht race. Obama probably shouldn't have played golf last weekend. But here's the deal folks.. We have an accident in the gulf. All we can do now is wait till August when the relief well is drilled and in the meantime start cleaning up. Should we have the CEO of the company that had the accident standing on the beach scooping oil into a coffee can? Or Should we just go ahead and set up a cross on the beach and publicly crucify him? I know the buck stops with the CEO, but really, this guy had no knowledge of the goings on of one oil rig. He doesn't know what equipment does what.. He made everyone mad with his speech this weekend. But he's nothing really all that special. He's like any boss you've ever had. He's bossy and mouthy.
Besides, he is just the guy who directs the flow of money. Which of course is where his blame lies. The money should go into safety, and back up systems. However.. just let the man go to a yacht race. What do we care? His number is punched already anyway. Everyone in Louisiana who is affected is going to get a chance to cast stones at BP.. just be patient.

And what should Obama do really? I agree he should unleash a clean up crew of massive proportions. But trust me this not the hill we want to place our battle stations on. Obama is the worst president in history. One game of golf isn't going to change that or make it worse. In fact I almost think it's better if he did play gold. The more he plays golf the less time he has to socialize yours and my money. I say he should have a 2 year long golf tournament. Let's keep him distracted as much as possible. I'm not sure he really knows WHAT to do in any disaster situation. He's a community organizer, not a leader.. He was the guy that complained to the government to get them to give free money. Now that he IS the government, he is still complaining. I don't think he actually realized there would be real honest work to do as commander in chief.

The point is, we are crying over spilled oil. Let's fix it and clean it up first. Investigate it and pass out blame later. BP can hand out checks, they already are. Learn from it, and move on. This is just practice for the Apocalypse anyway.

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