Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Reasons For Al Gore and Tipper's Separation

Al and Tipper Gore separate after 40-year marriage

I just intercepted an email from Al to Tipper. Inside it had a list of reasons why he was needing to have a separation. Here are the 5 reasons he gave...

* The earth is a harsh mistress, and every second I spend with you polar bears are dying, Eskimos are drowning, and the ice in my iced tea melts much faster than it used to.

* My hair oil budget is shrinking because you keep going shopping with the money I make from my global warming scheme...err I mean global warming cause.

* Nobel Peace Prize winners are actually discouraged from being married. Also they are discouraged from actually promoting peace. I accomplished the latter, so I need to focus on the former.

* I need to devote my time to my newest invention.. Internet II

* Let's face it, I'm a flaming homosexual.


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