Thursday, June 17, 2010

America And The World Will Not Recover

All empires fall.. eventually. I believe ours has already fallen. We may be a powerhouse militarily, but without the will to use the full strength of our military what good is it? So what do we really have? Our economy is all but collapsed, our will to keep America great like it was in the golden era is dead, and the rest of the world for the most part has already fallen to mediocrity, self want, and hedonism.
I have become a true cynic. But as a Christian I believe this is all coming to pass in it's God-appointed time.
You might say.."but after Obama is done we can get a conservative in office and change things back." But.. I say that is impossible. We might be able to salvage a few ideals and concepts.. but that won't be enough.
You see, I am 31 years old. I am from the generation that was at the fork in the road. Some of us went left and some of us went right. But when I saw my friends go left.. they didn't just walk a few steps and set up camp. They are still walking left. And the generations that are coming after are following them, and in fact leading them. They are lemmings, thirsty for a leader that tells them what to do. they don't have a set morality, so they rely on government to provide it. This is not the case across the board. There are kids who are standing on a solid foundation.. but it is fewer and far between.
We will not recover because we have produced a generation that is about "Me", "Myself" and "I". JFK's statement "Ask not what your country can do for you..." is dead.

The new sentence that would best describe the generations that are coming after mine is "Why hasn't my government check arrived in the mail, and how come my neighbor got more..."

We are done. We are now Europe West. We are not becoming socialist.. we are already there.

As a Christian I am so ready. I believe that Jesus is coming again soon. People say "well that just sounds crazy." You know what.. I don't care. I believe in Christ, I believe He is who he said He is. And though suffering will now be increasing to epic levels (natural disasters, murders, random shootings, etc..), Soon we will go to where there will be no more tears, no more hurts, no more death.. and eternal peace.

Come Lord, Even Now!!

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