Thursday, June 24, 2010

Al Gore Caught In Sex Scandal; Unleashes Fury On The U.S.

Storm Causes Damage Across Suburbs

Al 'Sex Poodle' Gore, angry that he got caught having unwanted sexual contact with a masseuse, has unleashed his fury using weather patterns that he controls because of man made global warming. "You know what...Take that Connecticut!" He said as he unfurled a high pressure system on the upper Northeast which caused the upper level disturbance. He used the same weather machine that George W. Bush used to cause multiple hurricanes during his reign of terror on the Louisiana coast. The difference here is that Gore has a vendetta. In the past year he has gone through a separation, been mocked for his insistence on the fairy tale man-made global warming, and now is accused of being a "sex crazed poodle". Only time will tell who will receive his wrath next. May God help us all!

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