Sunday, May 09, 2010

Obama bemoans 'diversions' of IPod, Xbox era

AFP: Obama bemoans 'diversions' of IPod, Xbox era

Obama says that we are too distracted by XBox, Playstations, and IPods. You know what, I pretty much agree with that. However, my agreement with his words at a commencement this weekend end there. Because he then takes time in his speech (did I mention it was at a commencement?) to bemoan certain blogs and talk radio. I think he believes that he really doesn't deserve the close scrutiny that he is getting. I mean he is president and he is here to help us. Why would we question that? Do what he says, do not question what he does. His swagger, his charm, his ethnicity should be sufficient to carry us through any rough patches as a nation, because it's a new era. Plus it's the era where we as a nation apologize to the rest of the world for being American. 'We're sorry we were so prosperous.. but never fear world, I'm going to bring us down a peg. We now bow to you.'
You know, I don't think the president can help himself. He never stops campaigning. He is the president who isn't ever really all that presidential. He isn't a leader.. He's a community organizer. He reminds me of high school. He reminds me of the guy in the high school who was pretty popular. He started several clubs, he would never attend the clubs, but he started them. He organized a trash pick up day, he didn't help with it because he was busy on the planning committee working on his next project. He started lots of petitions. When it came time for one of the events, especially the work day events, he was never around because he had other obligations, or so he said. And then one day he gets elected student body president. The guy he ran against was at every event, volunteered on clean up day, was involved in class projects and clubs. He had experience.. But because he wasn't as popular with the cool crowd, he lost to the organizer. Now all of a sudden you have a student body president who is a lead organizer, yet he has never helped out with the run-of-the-mill student. He's never gotten his hands dirty. But even so he becomes drunk with power. What little power a student body president can have anyway.

Obama is that guy. Even worse, the President of the free world. Obama has never had his hands dirty. He has never even worked a cash register, and we made him our leader. We elected the guy who shook his finger at everyone yet never did anything to lift his finger when it came down to 'nut cuttin' time'. He's the protester. He's the complainer. He's the petitioner. He's the community organizer. Still unable to lift a finger.. but he will force you to lift yours. He'll start with your wallet, and go from there.

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