Thursday, May 20, 2010

How I Would Change Washington D.C.

I've been observing and brainstorming for a while on how I believe we could actually trust politicians again. Here are a few ideas...

* No more career politicians -- Every position in Washington D.C. should carry with it a limit of only two terms, whether it be Senator, Congressman, President, etc.. They can still get paid decently, but only for two years and then fresh blood is brought in.

* It should be like a job -- There should be people who aren't a part of congress who are in charge of making sure everyone is in their seats and ready to start legislating for the day. 9 to 5. If you miss a day, you get docked pay. I'm sure you could send a note from your doctor if you are sick.

* Same system we are on -- Congress, The President, The Supreme Court... they all have to use the same health care, retirement plan, income tax, etc.. the whole nine yards. You aren't allowed to opt out, and if we go with my first bullet point you won't be there long anyway.

* Pay decided by voters -- The politicians would no longer allowed to vote on their own salary. If their state is doing well economy wise, then they would be allowed to ask for a raise come election time. Hey, it could be like a commission. That would give incentive to try to pass legislation that actually grows the economy and helps people.

* Cameras everywhere -- The C-Span cameras are on, day and night in every room of the Capital building. Even at night if you couldn't sleep it would be relaxing to turn on C-span and watch the janitors cleaning the house floor.

* Lobbyists are banned -- It's not that hard to do. The same people who make sure the senator is in his or her seat is with him or her at all times and makes sure that no lobbyist gets his cash anywhere near the politician. The amount of any cash or donations that the politician takes from a lobbyist will be docked from his or her pay.

and finally...

* Duels -- Why can't we bring back the historic art of the duel? Aaron Burr dropped Alexander Hamilton, the problem was solved, and then everybody went and had tea. No fuss, no hassle, no problem. And if politicians today decide to go for it I think they should have to wear the old powdered wigs and the gay frilly shirts just to make it authentic.

Bam!...A changed Washington!

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