Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun Facts

* Women's groups like CODEPINK, and the National Organization for Women are always protesting for women's rights by going naked in public. This makes no sense at all. That's like protesting against childhood obesity by passing out candy bars to kids.

* Parents today are spending thousands of dollars "child-proofing" their home. I am convinced this will raise a generation of little helpless wussy children. When I was little we stuck our fork in the wall socket ONE time. Our parents let us do it, they even watched it happen. We survived, and our parents saved thousands of dollars.

* I never joined the military, So when everyone in the old folks home is telling their scar stories, they'll be saying... "Check this one out.. Tikrit, Iraq. 2004. Desert operations. Took a bullet from a sniper." I'll be saying "Look at this one..Parent's backyard. 1984. Slip'n'Slide. Mom forgot to check for sticks underneath the tarp."

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