Thursday, May 27, 2010

Psychotic Writer Stalking Sarah Palin

Work continues on fence at Palin home

I truly believe this guy is either a perv or just a creep. Maybe he thinks he is going to see something through the windows to write for his lousy book.
They are TERRIFIED of Palin making a run for President in 2012 so they are attacking. I don't think she'll run for President, nor do I think she should. But why is this guy obsessed about a woman who has absolutely no leadership position right now?


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun Facts

* Women's groups like CODEPINK, and the National Organization for Women are always protesting for women's rights by going naked in public. This makes no sense at all. That's like protesting against childhood obesity by passing out candy bars to kids.

* Parents today are spending thousands of dollars "child-proofing" their home. I am convinced this will raise a generation of little helpless wussy children. When I was little we stuck our fork in the wall socket ONE time. Our parents let us do it, they even watched it happen. We survived, and our parents saved thousands of dollars.

* I never joined the military, So when everyone in the old folks home is telling their scar stories, they'll be saying... "Check this one out.. Tikrit, Iraq. 2004. Desert operations. Took a bullet from a sniper." I'll be saying "Look at this one..Parent's backyard. 1984. Slip'n'Slide. Mom forgot to check for sticks underneath the tarp."

Monday, May 24, 2010

Unions Are Destroying America

I am viscously anti-union. I have experienced the greed and corruption first hand. People love to say, and used to tell me all the time.. "Well unions do good things too..." Really? That's like saying "You know, Hitler did good things too..."
Who cares about the good things unions do when they are destroying everything around them. They refuse to work without massive handouts and that just destroys the company from the inside out. It's a joke. The union started out with a noble purpose, and then greed and a mafia-like organization took hold almost instantly.

Here's a good example of what public sector unions are doing to America...

Here's a good example of what you can accomplish without the union involved and you actually have to work to keep your job...

I hate unions with a passion. I'd rather go poor and jobless than work under the forced socialization and laziness that comes from joining a union.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How I Would Change Washington D.C.

I've been observing and brainstorming for a while on how I believe we could actually trust politicians again. Here are a few ideas...

* No more career politicians -- Every position in Washington D.C. should carry with it a limit of only two terms, whether it be Senator, Congressman, President, etc.. They can still get paid decently, but only for two years and then fresh blood is brought in.

* It should be like a job -- There should be people who aren't a part of congress who are in charge of making sure everyone is in their seats and ready to start legislating for the day. 9 to 5. If you miss a day, you get docked pay. I'm sure you could send a note from your doctor if you are sick.

* Same system we are on -- Congress, The President, The Supreme Court... they all have to use the same health care, retirement plan, income tax, etc.. the whole nine yards. You aren't allowed to opt out, and if we go with my first bullet point you won't be there long anyway.

* Pay decided by voters -- The politicians would no longer allowed to vote on their own salary. If their state is doing well economy wise, then they would be allowed to ask for a raise come election time. Hey, it could be like a commission. That would give incentive to try to pass legislation that actually grows the economy and helps people.

* Cameras everywhere -- The C-Span cameras are on, day and night in every room of the Capital building. Even at night if you couldn't sleep it would be relaxing to turn on C-span and watch the janitors cleaning the house floor.

* Lobbyists are banned -- It's not that hard to do. The same people who make sure the senator is in his or her seat is with him or her at all times and makes sure that no lobbyist gets his cash anywhere near the politician. The amount of any cash or donations that the politician takes from a lobbyist will be docked from his or her pay.

and finally...

* Duels -- Why can't we bring back the historic art of the duel? Aaron Burr dropped Alexander Hamilton, the problem was solved, and then everybody went and had tea. No fuss, no hassle, no problem. And if politicians today decide to go for it I think they should have to wear the old powdered wigs and the gay frilly shirts just to make it authentic.

Bam!...A changed Washington!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Arizona To California: 'Check...Mate'

Arizona may cut power to Los Angeles if they go through with their plan to boycott the state. Arizona supplies the city with 25% of their power. It's over. You want to make someone in America change their mind about something? Just cut off their power for 24 hours.. they'll straighten up really fast. We don't even realize how dependent we have become on electricity.
It just goes to show you that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. That's the biggest Check mate I've seen in the news in a long time. California is broke, they are in no position to boycott anything. What a stupid thing to boycott anyway. It reminds me so much of the union and the mob.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Janet Napolitano Admits She Is Part Of The Flash Mob

She has no clue what she is talking about and yet we have her in one of the most important offices in the land...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

John MacArthur Speaks The Truth On Larry King

John MacArthur pulls off what Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, and even Billy Graham couldn't seem to muster.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Obama bemoans 'diversions' of IPod, Xbox era

AFP: Obama bemoans 'diversions' of IPod, Xbox era

Obama says that we are too distracted by XBox, Playstations, and IPods. You know what, I pretty much agree with that. However, my agreement with his words at a commencement this weekend end there. Because he then takes time in his speech (did I mention it was at a commencement?) to bemoan certain blogs and talk radio. I think he believes that he really doesn't deserve the close scrutiny that he is getting. I mean he is president and he is here to help us. Why would we question that? Do what he says, do not question what he does. His swagger, his charm, his ethnicity should be sufficient to carry us through any rough patches as a nation, because it's a new era. Plus it's the era where we as a nation apologize to the rest of the world for being American. 'We're sorry we were so prosperous.. but never fear world, I'm going to bring us down a peg. We now bow to you.'
You know, I don't think the president can help himself. He never stops campaigning. He is the president who isn't ever really all that presidential. He isn't a leader.. He's a community organizer. He reminds me of high school. He reminds me of the guy in the high school who was pretty popular. He started several clubs, he would never attend the clubs, but he started them. He organized a trash pick up day, he didn't help with it because he was busy on the planning committee working on his next project. He started lots of petitions. When it came time for one of the events, especially the work day events, he was never around because he had other obligations, or so he said. And then one day he gets elected student body president. The guy he ran against was at every event, volunteered on clean up day, was involved in class projects and clubs. He had experience.. But because he wasn't as popular with the cool crowd, he lost to the organizer. Now all of a sudden you have a student body president who is a lead organizer, yet he has never helped out with the run-of-the-mill student. He's never gotten his hands dirty. But even so he becomes drunk with power. What little power a student body president can have anyway.

Obama is that guy. Even worse, the President of the free world. Obama has never had his hands dirty. He has never even worked a cash register, and we made him our leader. We elected the guy who shook his finger at everyone yet never did anything to lift his finger when it came down to 'nut cuttin' time'. He's the protester. He's the complainer. He's the petitioner. He's the community organizer. Still unable to lift a finger.. but he will force you to lift yours. He'll start with your wallet, and go from there.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Oil cleanup chemicals worry environment watchdogs

Oil cleanup chemicals worry environment watchdogs
| Reuters

Does this make anyone else want to pull their hair out? Tell the "environment watchdogs" to be in charge of the clean up then. I swear I am about 5 minutes away from moving to Mexico. Most of them will be up here anyway.. Maybe we conservatives can make a deal with the Mexicans.. We will trade countries with them.. straight up. Ole!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fun Facts

* Most of the time the recipe for preparing fish calls for it to be cooked in oil. Thanks to BP, for the next year or so you can probably go ahead and skip that step.

* You know you are gaining weight when you are a man and you have a bigger boobs than the lady next to you at the gym. You can safely say you have crossed the threshold at that point.

* I hope God isn't like Sony because when I was born I forget to send in my warranty registration.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Cool Report: Sensor Fused Weapons

This is one of the coolest weapons ever. If you are anywhere near range on this thing, may God have mercy on your soul..

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Why Arizona Had to Draw a Line on Illegal Immigrants -

If someone starts calling you racist because you support Arizona. Make them read this and answer to why they believe what they believe. A must read..
ON Friday, Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona signed a law — SB 1070 — that prohibits the harboring of illegal aliens and makes it a state crime for an alien to commit certain federal immigration crimes. It also requires police officers who, in the course of a traffic stop or other law-enforcement action, come to a “reasonable suspicion” that a person is an illegal alien verify the person’s immigration status with the federal government.

Predictably, groups that favor relaxed enforcement of immigration laws, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, insist the law is unconstitutional. Less predictably, President Obama declared it “misguided” and said the Justice Department would take a look.

Presumably, the government lawyers who do so will actually read the law, something its critics don’t seem to have done. The arguments we’ve heard against it either misrepresent its text or are otherwise inaccurate. As someone who helped draft the statute, I will rebut the major criticisms individually:

It is unfair to demand that aliens carry their documents with them. It is true that the Arizona law makes it a misdemeanor for an alien to fail to carry certain documents. “Now, suddenly, if you don’t have your papers ... you’re going to be harassed,” the president said. “That’s not the right way to go.” But since 1940, it has been a federal crime for aliens to fail to keep such registration documents with them. The Arizona law simply adds a state penalty to what was already a federal crime. Moreover, as anyone who has traveled abroad knows, other nations have similar documentation requirements.

“Reasonable suspicion” is a meaningless term that will permit police misconduct. Over the past four decades, federal courts have issued hundreds of opinions defining those two words. The Arizona law didn’t invent the concept: Precedents list the factors that can contribute to reasonable suspicion; when several are combined, the “totality of circumstances” that results may create reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed.

Please read the rest here...
Op-Ed Contributor - Why Arizona Had to Draw a Line on Illegal Immigrants -