Saturday, April 10, 2010

Obama Is Not The Anti-Christ

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Let's face it, Obama is a bad, bad president. It goes beyond just making bad decisions. He's making decisions that he knows the American people just don't support, and he's making them because he thinks it's best, no matter what we think. That starts to cross the line from representative government into dictatorship. He's biting the hand that feeds because he thinks the hand that feeds needs to be tamed, and it's ruining America.

So now a lot, and I mean a lot of my fellow Christian republicans are saying they literally believe that Obama may be the anti-christ. First of all it should be noted that the Bible does say an Anti-Christ will arise. But it also says there will be many anti-christs and in fact there are already many walking among us. I am unsure whether these people know they are anti-christs or not.

Here's why I don't think Obama is THE anti-christ. I think the anti-christ will make great first. I think even some Christians will say, 'Wow this guy is awesome, he may bring peace in our time!' I believe the real anti-christ will claim to be a Christian and even attend church possibly. It will be the classic bait and switch. I also don't believe that the anti-christ will be the American president. I believe that America will collapse first before he arises. And that my friends is where Obama comes in.

Obama is setting the stage. He is going to collapse America from the inside out. Our bankruptcy financially is not too far off. Most of us will probably see it in our lifetime. With our collapse, many nations will crumble like dominoes.

Obama is not the anti-christ. I don't think the anti-chirst will need a teleprompter, he will have satan himself feeding him the words to say. Obama is too hated to be the anti-christ. Trust me, Obama won't be able to buy the election in 2012, he's done for. America may be sinking but we aren't at the stage yet where we will sit still while you start yanking are freedoms away from us.

Obama may be AN anti-christ, but he is not THE anti-christ. THE anti-christ will charm the socks off of all of us before he enslaves us. Obama isn't charming anyone anymore except for maybe Sean Penn.. and let's face it Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot would have charmed the socks off of Sean Penn.

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