Sunday, April 04, 2010

I Believe Jesus Is Our First, Last, and Only Hope

3 Reasons Why I believe He is God.. (Updated)

1. Even though I was raised in a Christian home. I have spent many hours studying just why I believe what I believe. I have weighed the evidence, read from the founding fathers of our faith. And I have come to the conclusion that Jesus IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He DID rise from the dead and this life only makes sense because Jesus is Lord. There are men who have gone before us who died alone in remote parts of the earth because they were chosen to tell the world about it's need a savior. They didn't die by blowing themselves up.. They were killed because they were blessed to be "Shamed for the Name".

2. The alternative beliefs cannot account for evil, good, redemption, faith, life, or existence itself. I know I have a reason to live, and a reason why I will die. No other worldview comes close to answering the question as to why bad things happen to supposedly good people. If Christianity were made up in back rooms to control people, it would have been much like other religions.. very human-comfort oriented. Instead you are required to give Him everything. And in turn your joy comes in the morning.. but oh what joy and peace will come, and for eternity even!

3. I feel it. Skeptics say that nothing should be based on feelings. But before facts ever enter the equation, and they do enter it, I feel something inside me that is not of this world. My conscience eats at me sometimes. My mind drifts to places that are beyond me. The Bible says that we are born with the knowledge of the one Holy God. And I believe that, I feel it, and it gives me hope. My feelings MUST not trump His word though, or else they are not truly from Him. Always beware that Satan has the ability to mimic feelings. Test your experiences against scripture and you will be made whole in your faith.

Thank God for the Resurrection!

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