Friday, March 05, 2010

We Are All To Blame For The Economic Collapse

* We are all to blame for the erosion of American economic dominance. Every single one of us have purchased things we can't afford. We need to go back the days where when you ran out of money you ran out of the ability to purchase.

* No one is to blame but ourselves for upside mortgages and foreclosures.. You signed on the dotted line and you knew the consequences. You chose to move out of that apartment and buy a house. The bank cannot force you to sign.

* Credit card companies and lenders are predators for sure. But when you walk onto a college campus and sign up for a credit card because they are offering free t-shirts.. trust me, you are very much to blame.

* The reason we don't hold Washington D.C. to "Pay-as-you-go" is because we don't do it ourselves.

Let's face it.. our eyes got bigger than our wallets and now it is time to pay the piper.

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